My 2018 RAM 2500 is Painted
CTS-V Gets a fresh Paint job
My Rebuilt Hellcat is DONE!
EtaCarinae230 12 orë më parë
This design is so under engineered
Michael Collins
Michael Collins 12 orë më parë
Good vidio man sooo much work I wish you had a good worker that would help you lots of parts you are going to have to get rid of
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 12 orë më parë
Thanks for the great content, helping us get through 2020 and beyond.
Z Harlo
Z Harlo 12 orë më parë
Vtuned goes to 11🔥
Dimitrios Dimitrios
Dimitrios Dimitrios 12 orë më parë
Mitchell Edwards
Mitchell Edwards 12 orë më parë
I’m actually frightened just watching this.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 12 orë më parë
Not a car guy. Don't even know half the things he is doing. Just love this insane series. <3
Hack Fabrication
Hack Fabrication 12 orë më parë
When I saw the end view of the engine the first thing that came to mind was Harley V-Rod. Wow! Quite the machine there!
Beastly Garage
Beastly Garage 12 orë më parë
Pretty cool
michael digregorio
michael digregorio 12 orë më parë
very impressive, You guys guys are really good.
pattycam 12 orë më parë
One day I may 🤞 love it!
Daniel Magdaleno
Daniel Magdaleno 12 orë më parë
Cool!! Awesome stuff! 👍🏼
Roger Smith
Roger Smith 12 orë më parë
Pretty cool
The72 Inc
The72 Inc 12 orë më parë
How many hours to remove it?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 12 orë më parë
Paul Riley
Paul Riley 12 orë më parë
Mustang project = Helping to make v Tuned; McLaren = THE making of V Tuned. Well done... not finished I know but absolutely no doubt in my mind you going to whack this one out the park!
John Elicker
John Elicker 12 orë më parë
nice thanks for sharing
keiron astbury
keiron astbury 12 orë më parë
so much work but it'll pay off, in the end, you keep up your dream not many people get this chance in life, follow your heart and passion and remember NEVER GIVE UP.
MR JON 12 orë më parë
Why not to pull the old TUB out and mate the frame with engine onto new tub instead of taking apart everything there? They literally holding in place by 8 bolts.
Dave Scheer
Dave Scheer 12 orë më parë
Are we having fun yet! ( off camera v-tuned ,I hope I can remember we're this stuff goes ! ) After the build look only 45 extra bolts and screws ! 😳✌🏻️
Graeme83 12 orë më parë
You should totally get some V-Tuned overalls
Tim S
Tim S 12 orë më parë
Thanks! Enjoyed this one, bye from Holland ☺
steve lozano
steve lozano 12 orë më parë
Couldn't you just unbolt the aluminum engine frame from the body capsule as one unit? Seems like that's how factory would have done it to prevent assembly damage.
my31and37 12 orë më parë
Be sure to keep Samcrac on speed dial, I hear he has a good stock of Flexseal and Harbor freight Mig.
Okay_Bokeh 12 orë më parë
You could see from the close ups of the rear subframe that it has structural damage... You could see some of the welds were chipping and some of the bolt holes were elongated!.... From the force of the rear right slapping the wall, causing all that G force, shock, load to go into that wheel through the suspension and into the rear sub frame!.. that is going to need a new rear sub frame!..?? You'd have to be an absolute lunatic to use the crashed one... Those stress fractures in the welds once rebuild.. the vibrations from that high revving engine will cause the welds to fail!.. the gearbox will need replacing also due to the lateral load that was transferred into it!...
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Star 12 orë më parë
V are a good way though✌️
DamianDoi 12 orë më parë
cant wait for the next one bro.
Varad Bhardwaj
Varad Bhardwaj 12 orë më parë
Make it fast I can't wait 🙈😘😘
Ian mclennan
Ian mclennan 12 orë më parë
Just nuts and bolts
Dennis W
Dennis W 12 orë më parë
That thing looks overly complicated to me. I bet a tune up is a major job
Леонардинио Джихангиров
Леонардинио Джихангиров 12 orë më parë
Желаю Удачи в грандиозном проекте. Не многие на это способны.
happydollar1982 12 orë më parë
I see so much metal. It's insane!
Marciaus007 12 orë më parë
Great!!! USA Mclaren repair centre!!!
Faris Dibouni
Faris Dibouni 12 orë më parë
I still don't get why you wanna take the engine out! Can't you just swap the tub onto the frame? Other than that, great channel, good fun 👍
MaddMely 12 orë më parë
Apparently Flex tape can fix anything...maybe even "Cadillac" Converters lolol
Matt Vandem
Matt Vandem 12 orë më parë
Fantastic build very impressive Beats house painting
Sterg Sterg
Sterg Sterg 12 orë më parë
do fi exhaust with cat delete
lake martyn
lake martyn 12 orë më parë
This has to be a build of the year
Stephen S
Stephen S 12 orë më parë
Other than he is amazing with his hands and his knowledge - his knuckles are not jacked up - no blood at all - mine get bloody trimming a tree.
Dave Gibson
Dave Gibson 12 orë më parë
Doesn't the whole subframe with ancillaries attached separate from the tub? I'm sure that's how they're put together in the factory.
numbersix100 12 orë më parë
You’re a brave man taking on a project like this😳
Bryan Schwinn
Bryan Schwinn 12 orë më parë
Can't wait till u pass goonzquad in subs if they continue with that dumb ass house shit🔥🔥🔥
ron watson
ron watson 12 orë më parë
Where do I go now that I've gone too far...The Twilight Zone
Dave K
Dave K 12 orë më parë
Great job.. you just birthed a McLaren motor.
Charlie McLaughlin
Charlie McLaughlin 12 orë më parë
So much work but will be great when its all done 👍👍👍👍👍
Ron Helman
Ron Helman 12 orë më parë
Awesome Job!!!!!
Emils Kurpnieks
Emils Kurpnieks 12 orë më parë
Its not difficult , its intimidating
Take Down
Take Down 12 orë më parë
Enjoying this series thanks V 🔥🛠🏎🤑🤯
Ian Murchie
Ian Murchie 12 orë më parë
shiva sewnath
shiva sewnath 12 orë më parë
great bro nice build 💛💚👍😃💚💚💚
Lars Fristedt
Lars Fristedt 12 orë më parë
I just say Insane but interesting to look at. Keep up the good work and pace.
Rick Chow
Rick Chow 12 orë më parë
Those pesky Cadillac Converters. 😂🤣 Awesome job. Gitten R Dun I would help you but I’m way up here in NJ. Keep it going Looking forward to your next vid. 👊🏼🇺🇸
Brian Weir
Brian Weir 12 orë më parë
Check that out. It even says Vtuned on the door of his shop! I LOVE that!. Keep up the great work on the McLaren! Seriously, McLaren needs to name a future car model after you - the Vtuned McLaren. Comes with BALLS that are eight feet wide! Seriously, I doubt any of us would be brave enough to do what you're doing - resurrecting a crashed McLaren. HUGE Kudos to you for taking this on and recording the video!
Willie Jack
Willie Jack 12 orë më parë
have you ever started a job and thought, 'I am way out of my depth here'? I wouldn't know where to start
Tom Swindler
Tom Swindler 12 orë më parë
When your replace the different clamps on the motor,chk and make sure that is not specific for the mcClaren,might be different clamping pressures just saying 😎😎👍👍
me and you
me and you 12 orë më parë
How the he'll do you know how it all goes back together? I have spare parts just changing a an electric plug haha. Good luck
Garret141076 12 orë më parë
Now I understand why Mclarens are so expensive. They made it extremely complicated. Better have German engineering.
Panos Lp
Panos Lp 12 orë më parë
When i saw the cables, pipes and finally the engine i said holly shit.................greetings from Greece man keep up the good work!!
GUSTY GAMES 12 orë më parë
You should send the McLaren engine to Texas speed
Barbara Nelson
Barbara Nelson 13 orë më parë
Channel locks? C’mon now, do we need to chip in for some big boy tools?
AMC 13 orë më parë
This is going to be a nightmare to put together, stay strong man!
Crouching Hedgehog
Crouching Hedgehog 13 orë më parë
Im going to be fairly sure they use a jig when building the back end up. Good luck getting it dead straight.
Albert Timmer
Albert Timmer 13 orë më parë
It is almost a piece off Art this car with its complicated construction, but I am wondering that you build this engine out off the frame !!! Next challence is to rebuild this engine back in the new frame ! I cant wait to see this happen ! First Motorhead and now Vtuned on one day, I am happy !!!
Marc S
Marc S 13 orë më parë
nice project !!
Blake K.
Blake K. 13 orë më parë
Vtuned = McLaren chop shop lol. that’s what it look like .
Craig Lerwill
Craig Lerwill 13 orë më parë
Vtuned over goonzquad
RA29 13 orë më parë
Flextape 👍
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 13 orë më parë
How many pic's do you think VTunned has taken during this process? I say at least 500 so far. I would be taking a pic of everything I touched.
Brad Kraus
Brad Kraus 13 orë më parë
Great video!! Worth the wait. That car is a beast.
George Cicairos
George Cicairos 13 orë më parë
That is a daunting challenge, but your going full steam ahead.Your doing a great job !
gerard stefanelli
gerard stefanelli 13 orë më parë
Snap @ 4:36 😩😩
Ahmed AG
Ahmed AG 13 orë më parë
Amazing job dude keep it up
Aakil K
Aakil K 13 orë më parë
Vtuned the mechanic
Вячеслав Глазнев
Вячеслав Глазнев 13 orë më parë
john briggs
john briggs 13 orë më parë
I would be interested in hearing your background. Obviously something or some mentor gave you a terrific education that enabled YOU to develop the confidence to get into something as complex as this build. WOW!! Or maybe you just never realized how bad it was going to get and now you have no way out except to charge ahead. Very impressive. good luck
Pete Bird
Pete Bird 13 orë më parë
Now that is one complicated vehicle, hats off to you and your enthusiasm for the project, great job 👍👍👍👍👍
Joseph Sagginario
Joseph Sagginario 13 orë më parë
i can't believe you can disassemble a super car ..unbelievable
oo Oo
oo Oo 13 orë më parë
As you can see..... I say "as you can see"
c h
c h 13 orë më parë
You should work for NASA maybe thed do more progress!
TheHuell 13 orë më parë
Anyone wants to place a bet that vtune will not put this car back together he will need some kind of specialist any offers out there
Genetises 13 orë më parë