Rebuilding A Lifted Ram 3500 Diesel With Frame Damage!!!

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Finally Got my hands on a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel this is going to be an epic rebuild!
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ford nut
ford nut 8 ditë më parë
Wth you cut the whole rocker out for lol. I would just took out the bad spot.
silguero02 24 ditë më parë
How much did you get it for bro im trying to get mine for a rig welding truck
Sky Brayton
Sky Brayton Muaj më parë
What kind of pressure washer do you have??
Susan Sorensen
Susan Sorensen 3 muaj më parë
Wow, he read the brochure 🤣🤣😂😂
Ethan Borgholthaus
Ethan Borgholthaus 3 muaj më parë
dude its not a real ram 3500 if it doesnt have the towing mirrors
1jeffr 4 muaj më parë
How many gallons to the mile does that thing get?
Vladimir Kolombet
Vladimir Kolombet 5 muaj më parë
I thoroughly enjoy your videos man, good job. I like them better than GoonSquad they annoyed me after awhile. My recommendation is dont try to be like them or act like them or talk like them. I noticed that you kinda sound like them as Im sure they inspire you. Be yourself man people will like you more for that plus goonsquad are annoying like I said
JR 81
JR 81 5 muaj më parë
Hey man do you sell any of your builds
Howard Swing
Howard Swing 5 muaj më parë
Watch him using the grinder without disk guard or leather gloves one slip and he will sever his wrist or cut off a finger. Don't think so I was their when this very same accident happened.
Robert DeMilo
Robert DeMilo 6 muaj më parë
I love it. Vtuned does not even mess around.
Wayne Snow
Wayne Snow 6 muaj më parë
This is the first time I am seeing you with out the goon squad ,
Max Phenomenon
Max Phenomenon 6 muaj më parë
People act like a 2014 is a older car I have a 2004 😅
Rodrigo Lozano
Rodrigo Lozano 6 muaj më parë
Hello from Brazil! 🇧🇷🇺🇸
Josue Silva
Josue Silva 6 muaj më parë
Where do you buy all those cars?
thomas whitaker
thomas whitaker 6 muaj më parë
Damn i Justin Beiber working on trucks now !
Bass Boosted Sweden
Bass Boosted Sweden 6 muaj më parë
Chris PLACE 6 muaj më parë
Nice Job
Snippa Trippa
Snippa Trippa 8 muaj më parë
The one and olny thing that Vtuned loves is push to start!!
Dav as
Dav as 9 muaj më parë
Hi. Why replace instead of repairing?
Michael Motors
Michael Motors 9 muaj më parë
Amazing truck🤤🤤🤤
All of your vid is so satisfy me..
RomeroBoii 9 muaj më parë
Did I hear a turbo
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto 9 muaj më parë
BOSSB TV 9 muaj më parë
I love your channel brother keep up the great work
Justin Grant
Justin Grant 9 muaj më parë
Man I wish I could find a truck like this for cheap 🤔as long as it drove idc how bad it looked tbh but no even wrecked stuff is expensive 🥺
Jonathan Cervantes
Jonathan Cervantes 9 muaj më parë
Eugene Donaldson
Eugene Donaldson 9 muaj më parë
v tuned you are a bad ass keep it up i like it
jr Rankins
jr Rankins 9 muaj më parë
Nice. What’s the lift and wheel tire combo thanks
Jordan holmes
Jordan holmes 9 muaj më parë
Sucks that its 2wd "2:02"
Whoo who!
Whoo who! 9 muaj më parë
Everyone knows you can't work on a dirty truck?? Wtf? Ahh a small crawler huh? Waste of money.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 9 muaj më parë
Good car 🇺🇸🐏💯💯💯
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 9 muaj më parë
MK TECH 9 muaj më parë
I like your channel , aren’t you close by NC ? Second question would you be interested on working on my 1967 Mustang coupe , I’m also building a mustang ;) I need the body to be done like perfectly . I think that I might talk to Ford and see if I can get another E rod project , maybe they will provide me with an engine so I can build an Ford E rod engine kit . I also have a channel , check it out . Спасіба!
Duane Bennett
Duane Bennett 9 muaj më parë
A lot carefuller... nice new word lol
The Bearded Ginger
The Bearded Ginger 9 muaj më parë
Dannnnnggggg. That thing looks absolutely amazing!! I love the previous owner put regular front rims rather than the ugly dually front wheels people usually throw on them.
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks 10 muaj më parë
Russians are the best at mechanical body anything in the world.
TechFollower 11 muaj më parë
buying damage car or truck is not good idea at all...but if you making youtube video like VTuned garage...then you make good money out of it...nice video...keep it up...
ThePeopleVerse 11 muaj më parë
I think this is the first video of yours I have watched and other than the title reading "frame damage" (haven't seen any frame damage yet), I must say ... nice video. You were very clear about what you were doing, the process involved, and what you were doing next. To me this was all easy peasy stuff, but I want to see more (I know it's an older video, LOL). Thumbs up!! 👍
Chad Simmons
Chad Simmons Vit më parë
Dodge has some damn good trucks, i know cause i own one (good-upload)
Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa Vit më parë
awesome job man, just a little tip, when you finish the video leave more time so the viewers can click like button.
Marcus Buckley
Marcus Buckley Vit më parë
I’m a huge fan fam from ya work goonz, your work is dope I’m in automotive school now
Handlez Vit më parë
Sounds like a pissed-off Civic.
kenneth Bennett
kenneth Bennett Vit më parë
I use a 2 inch grinding wheel. It works great for spot welds on old panels
John Tuffield
John Tuffield Vit më parë
Wow what a beautiful truck. I want one like this eventually.
Zube's Import Auto Sales
Zube's Import Auto Sales Vit më parë
Subscriber here from Goonzquad. You are a beast on that frame machine. I could watch you fix frames all day long. You are talented for real. Great job on all the builds will be sure to check all your videos out. Keep up the good work and SICK 3500!
The SJV Workshop
The SJV Workshop Vit më parë
A spot welder will make your life a whole lot easier and quicker.
fergy Ferguson
fergy Ferguson Vit më parë
Come on guys your from Tennessee,there is no z in diesel....
Mateo Morizio
Mateo Morizio Vit më parë
hell yeah man love the video
bkgti Vit më parë
7:47 Anyone notice no brakes when he takes off the wheel?
Central Maine Mustang
Central Maine Mustang Vit më parë
Hey - glad to see you made it back from the Copart yard in MA okay with the truck! I'm the guy that helped your driver tie it down. I hope the trip went well I build a fair amount of wrecks up here in Maine. I recently went to Austell, GA and picked up a 2016 Hellcat Charger to do for my next build. I had planned on stopping in on the way back but ran short on time. Had I known the truck was going to you guys, I would have made the time. Good luck with the build! Emery @ Central Maine Mustang
Mike fuller
Mike fuller Vit më parë
Great work got hooked on you after watching goonzquad
networkcrasher Vit më parë
11:30 ahhh you tried to sneak that cutting bit by us two times, huh sir vtuned? busted!
ushook Vit më parë
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Vit më parë
I'm here from future Russia safety first my friend
nilesh ry
nilesh ry Vit më parë
Brother make race between the gmc duramax with goonzsquad
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa Vit më parë
Meet me at the main gate @ Area 51
Ricardo Aguiñiga
Ricardo Aguiñiga Vit më parë
Color match!
Crazy Kevin
Crazy Kevin Vit më parë
Man your amazing. This inspires me to try and do some things to my truck. So cool!
Kelsey Branham
Kelsey Branham Vit më parë
Great work goon squad and Sam is the way I found out about v tuned
Mikethebutcher Vit më parë
Those 2 loops threw me off sooo bad.. I thought I was hallucinating lol that was on le sweet cut to the rocker panel 🤙🏻
Money mike Slick will
Money mike Slick will Vit më parë
Love these vids vtune man u make it look easy im now looking in copart for one now
Jernej Funkl
Jernej Funkl Vit më parë
I like your videos because you not talking to much but working and showing nice results...Subscribed ! :)
MR TOWMAN C.C Vit më parë
🚙copart salvage car 🚗 🔥👍🏻
junky jink
junky jink Vit më parë
That's one bad ass Dodge ram great score bro
mr. x
mr. x Vit më parë
I'M yoni from indonesia Your opening words are the same as goonzsquaad...
zero budget
zero budget Vit më parë
He'll yeah
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Vit më parë
For a young pup you sure know your stuff. Good job.
Shaun Morin
Shaun Morin Vit më parë
Fawking ads already. 3 ads in under 7 mins. Goon squad you ain't. Annoying as fawk
jamesrichardson63 Vit më parë
Please tell me what brand of drill bits you used on drilling the spot welds with!
Greg Sj
Greg Sj Vit më parë
Joseph Diclaire
Joseph Diclaire Vit më parë
Here from goonzquad!
Strange Times
Strange Times Vit më parë
WOW, that´s a TRUCK!
Jesse Ortiz
Jesse Ortiz Vit më parë
Thats tight
JLamond219 Vit më parë
Great job...I subscribed to your channel through the goon squad
War Hammer
War Hammer Vit më parë
Sorry dude, that is not frame damage, it is body damage.
Angela and Ronnie Gray
Angela and Ronnie Gray Vit më parë
Is this ur truck
Joe Metzger
Joe Metzger Vit më parë
That beast would be the ultimate car hauler!
tony gee
tony gee Vit më parë
Please put the gaurd back on your grinder Vtune. Be safe bro
El Presidente
El Presidente Vit më parë
It's so damage his father gave it to him
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Vit më parë
I love this guy... you’re a beast vtuned, keep going my man
TKHONDA7 Vit më parë
Click BAIT for vews. I just found your channel and I will never be back. Just be honest for vews
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Lol bye
PlayscBricks Vit më parë
Take a lesson from Alex Rebuilds and wear gloves!!!! Eye protection also when drilling out spot welds. Trust me a piece of metal in the eye does not feel good, I know.
james williams
james williams Vit më parë
Good work👌🆒💯
Muzza Moose
Muzza Moose Vit më parë
Your the boss
James Heisler
James Heisler Vit më parë
Sorry Thing is ugly
codsac Vit më parë
bad ass
Bebe Reyes
Bebe Reyes Vit më parë
Why didn't you just replace the whole rocker panel ? Looks like it just needed a few more welds removed and you got an original and not a patchwork one.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
That’s how it’s supposed to be replaced
AL Smooth Operator
AL Smooth Operator Vit më parë
Bro you made that look easy as F#$%! Nice work
Minnesota automotive
Minnesota automotive Vit më parë
How spendy is it to replace your rockers mine are rusted thrugh the outside panels
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Pretty spendy
Jeffrey Zona
Jeffrey Zona Vit më parë
My favorite truck ever
Douglas Dodson
Douglas Dodson Vit më parë
little follow up on what your start up before would make it better with the video. JS but your good
big truck
big truck Vit më parë
Cool truck
Paiaventador rr
Paiaventador rr Vit më parë
I’m from Thailand i see you in goonzquad clip
127EZ Vit më parë
Hard work pays off.
mohamed abed
mohamed abed Vit më parë
Good job bro from egypt ❤
goog le
goog le Vit më parë
if the raid on Area 51 happens - will be interesting to see what happens. Probably one of 2 things, they will find everything locked down and it will be a ghost town or....they will meet A10's, miniguns and Apaches pumping out 30mm from those chainguns and Hellfire missiles etc... I'm guessing the former.
Blake Babin
Blake Babin Vit më parë
Looks hella ugly with that short bed
PaulG Vit më parë
To nice!🤙🏽
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Vit më parë
Goonsquad sent me.
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