Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 4

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Welcome back to another episode of vtuned today we instal the oil cooler and find some hidden damage in the rear!
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live life
live life 24 ditë më parë
Use safety glasses when spark is frying because that hot molten metal metal can get stuck in your eyeball imagine if It was two times the size it now
Brad Marreros
Brad Marreros 26 ditë më parë
I'm a new subscriber, i was wondering if u could fix my 2008 dodge charger
Robert Cattafi
Robert Cattafi 28 ditë më parë
You do a great job and you do it right
Mario Suganob
Mario Suganob 29 ditë më parë
Wow The car is so cool dude
Tomas Varg
Tomas Varg 2 muaj më parë
Sound problem?
Joe Sibert
Joe Sibert 2 muaj më parë
I have watched a lot of the builders but Vtuned shows the stuff that requires the most skill without the fluff.( just my opinion no offense) I like the way he works with the Goonzquad and I hope he is getting the $$$$ he deserves for the work he does for them!
David Blair
David Blair 5 muaj më parë
sound? crapped out at 0:40 …
Loyal Leo
Loyal Leo 6 muaj më parë
Im i the only one noticing that half the video doesn't even have sound
Tinu Tolat
Tinu Tolat 7 muaj më parë
In this video some audio is off....why?
Irtaza Ahmed
Irtaza Ahmed 9 muaj më parë
heyyy how did you get those doorsss
Ronald De Vries
Ronald De Vries 9 muaj më parë
You have to thank goonzquad for vinding this cannel
Zoey Michael
Zoey Michael 9 muaj më parë
THE tire guy is on lunch- fukim lets just do it... lololol
2012srt 10 muaj më parë
slotted and cross drilled
Carlos Fernández
Carlos Fernández 11 muaj më parë
La verdad que es una pasada ver a chavales tan jóvenes arreglar coches de esta manera, saben una barbaridad...increíble, un saludo.
Rozzjd 11 muaj më parë
Fuck. This kid doesn't everything! Respect 🙌🏼
R T Vit më parë
Не ожидал увидеть Украинский флаг🤝
Tomas Varg
Tomas Varg Vit më parë
I love this channel 💖
Andriy Ivasyk
Andriy Ivasyk Vit më parë
Shout-out to that Ukrainian flag at 10:39....... :) Are you Ukrainian vTuned?
Marcel D. Harris
Marcel D. Harris Vit më parë
Noooooooo, you fool, lol. A nice wheel like that needs to be clamped from the outside.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Vit më parë
So, I gotta say I'm really enjoying the 'how to' explanations from VT, ie the up close shot with instructions on changing the oil lines. Even the 'fill the oil filter' tip. Actually getting some practical information from this channel. 👍👍
Ian Tomlinson
Ian Tomlinson Vit më parë
Great work, love watching and learning what you can do to repair these cars.Your work rate is impressive! I didn't see the oil cooler pipe snap rings going back on though?
OLD SCHOOL Vit më parë
Should just leave the rotor on- if someone sees all 4 wheels on they might hit the brakes and blow the pistons out of that caliper-
Joel Müller
Joel Müller Vit më parë
You can make a cabrio with 4 doors dude this were amazing
Mr VCard
Mr VCard Vit më parë
Oh fancy that a oil filter that is easy to access. (sarcasm) unlike my 2013 gmc Acadia that has it buried and barely able to reach it. Some automotive engineer needs a nut shot for that one.😡 But glad you're was easy to get to 👍🏻
Doug Drew
Doug Drew Vit më parë
Lol, when most of us are at the tire shop and the guy is at lunch...we wait. Nice build, your videos do not mess around - you get right to work. Good work!
Alan Fernandez
Alan Fernandez Vit më parë
I have a question. How do you know how to do everything lol? Like mechanic, put rim in tire, paint and all?
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr Vit më parë
0w-40 oil?
Robert Tinsey
Robert Tinsey Vit më parë
Did you think the v6 charger rotor was your rotor?
M MMM Vit më parë
Uul cooler, uul lines, uul cuuler bracket.Sloppiest oil change I've ever seen. *PRO* *TIP* : Hold oil quart with spout towards the top, not the bottom. This eliminated the "glug glug glug" undulations.
Samiullah Khan
Samiullah Khan Vit më parë
nice job love from pakistan ❤❤
ayah oaps
ayah oaps Vit më parë
revs after just starting lmao
Christos Konstadinidis
Christos Konstadinidis Vit më parë
If u start filming and outside the shop and all these stuff u will go much higher. Keep going !!!
Simi Simion
Simi Simion Vit më parë
Love the Ukrainian flag on the wall .
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh Vit më parë
Shawn J
Shawn J Vit më parë
20 year older mounting tires and balancing it most kids his age doesnt even know how to put” 20$ on pump 10” im proud of you guys. im 30
Kyle Stewart
Kyle Stewart Vit më parë
Yeah maybe the 20 year old fruit fairy college liberal kids don't
Ajay Nagra
Ajay Nagra Vit më parë
As a present Bodyshop manager at a Chrysler Dealership, you are amazing.
T Dubya
T Dubya Vit më parë
Used Hellcat Chargers are in the $45-$55k range. According to another post, this car was purchased for $26,000. That leaves you $20,000-ish dollars to play with for parts and labor to restore the car, then you take a hit for the salvage title. Besides the "feel good" of rebuilding your own car, is there any value in rebuilding cars for resale?
Try Thinking
Try Thinking Vit më parë
Having one you repaired yourself.
alpine stars
alpine stars Vit më parë
Oil was black af
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins Vit më parë
Really enjoying your no nonsense approach.
Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson Vit më parë
Big project, but this is a Hellcat!! You have skills, and a great work ethic....really enjoy your video’s!!!! Thx for posting so we can follow, I’m lovin’ it!!
Paul Sagan
Paul Sagan Vit më parë
Nice video ! Awsome build , I hope you ordered a bwoody cold air intake, also you should go on performance pages and check the engine oil pressure just to be on a safe side .
uBreakIt iRepairIt
uBreakIt iRepairIt Vit më parë
8:30 are people flipping HellCats left and right?
PR /Puerto Rico\ Movie wax
PR /Puerto Rico\ Movie wax Vit më parë
kollo duke
kollo duke Vit më parë
the guys having lunch, oh well, ill just do it myself !! respect!..hope other guys still got his job , heehee..
Robert DeMilo
Robert DeMilo Vit më parë
Good job Vtuned! Great job on your cameraman (girl?) filming the details.
TMT-Guard Vit më parë
VTune... To me this is more than just rebuilding a car. You are showing the younger age... That with some dedication and focus you can do anything... Most kids/ young adults lack this now a days. You are a great example on how we should strive to be... Also... Your videos are very educational... So please make your videos longer... Say 30 mins/ episode. Just my thoughts. Wish you the best.
Colin Mullins
Colin Mullins Vit më parë
how old are you??
Мусабег Хидиров
Мусабег Хидиров Vit më parë
Gregg KUZILA Vit më parë
Make it into a convertible it'll be worth more in about 10 years
Elias Shadow
Elias Shadow Vit më parë
Is that all you did with the engine? Wow.. I guess you do more like body work ect.
Jacob Chilton
Jacob Chilton Vit më parë
Had to make sure i liked all the videos of this hellcat build just because the 86 haters that didnt like this one!! You guys do some very good work keep up the videos guys
Ian M. Scarlett
Ian M. Scarlett Vit më parë
Automobile 101: NEVER rev a COLD engine
Aone Sauce
Aone Sauce Vit më parë
Oreillys parts sucks ass dont buy
Rafa Rodriguez
Rafa Rodriguez Vit më parë
I know i’m asking for too much, but want to see that beautiful car running again.
85rx7se Vit më parë
Good tip about prefilling the oil filter. You should also mention to be sure & lube the new filter O-Ring, be sure the old O-Ring came off (they stick sometimes) and I also wipe the filter boss and drain plug hole before putting the plug back in. As to the new P-Zero tire, did you check if has a directional arrow on it and put it the right way ? Also when you mount a tire, there is usually a DOT indicating the heavy spot on the tire. Best is to mount it with that DOT 180 Degrees from the Valve Stem. That will minimize the amount of wheel weights needed for balancing.
Dennis Balliram
Dennis Balliram Vit më parë
Vt it's coming along nice sounds really are a pro on the frame machine work👍🏼
mahmoud khoshnoudi
mahmoud khoshnoudi Vit më parë
nice job
18 колес по США
18 колес по США Vit më parë
You doing good but dont copy goonzsquad
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Thanks for the input will do.
18 колес по США
18 колес по США Vit më parë
No but doing same exact edits is u seem like a talented kid create your own ideas they will the best
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
So fixing a car is copying goonzquad?
vansman1013 Vit më parë
Subbed for the hellcat and can't wait for it to be done
Ricky Wang
Ricky Wang Vit më parë
This kid can fix 👍
unknown user
unknown user Vit më parë
You're not supposed to fill your oil filter 🤦‍♂️ you're just supposed to make sure you have oiled the outside gasket and then put it on.
unknown user
unknown user Vit më parë
Not tryna diss but I've been working on cars as long as I can remember
602 1320
602 1320 Vit më parë
How come you didn’t do goonzquads frame work.
Woody Bear
Woody Bear Vit më parë
Did you put the clip back on the oil lines before you put the cap back on?
Dusty Roads
Dusty Roads Vit më parë
Good job men, keep up the good work.
Sheed Soprano
Sheed Soprano Vit më parë
"So we got the bumper off and Fortunatly we got some damage back here 😁" more videos for that youtube money huh 😂
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Nah I just like fixing stuff lol
Joebiz24 Vit më parë
I must be in a time warp obsessed with this build, but the new doors are on the Hellcat, and yet part 5 thumbnail features new roof and doors. Were they installed by Mopar elves in between as we all slept?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Yeah I think that’s what happened lolol
Andrew Paul
Andrew Paul Vit më parë
Luv watching this guy work , reminds me when I was in my younger days , great vid
RaiiNx Vit më parë
One Question^^ Why you fill the Oilfilter first before you put it back on the car?
RaiiNx Vit më parë
@vTuned garage ah okay! thanks for your fast and nice Answer! im new in this job so i try learn good ways to do things:)
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Just so the engine doesn’t run dry for that half a second it might not even matter but that’s just how I do it
Abang Ayam
Abang Ayam Vit më parë
You got new subscriber from 🇲🇾
YooDisMike Vit më parë
Any reason you chose to go with oil for a European car? I prefer the 4 door Hellcat to the coupe. Can't wait to see it finished!
Mustang Nation
Mustang Nation Vit më parë
What You going To Do Whit that hellcat?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Mod it
gangstalishis Vit më parë
when its all said and done you should put how much it cost to repair with the parts and salvage the car and compare it to what a new one would cost.
bobbyhosweden Vit më parë
Great stuff. Let me know if you need some original music to set you apart from all other you tube builders.
bigdiezl Vit më parë
niiiice 👊🏻!!!
Maleficium Virtuoso
Maleficium Virtuoso Vit më parë
Where did you learn to fix cars like that? I wish I could learn how to do that!
CodClassicXl Vit më parë
Would you look at that . I'm comment 420 . I think
Niyaz Majeed
Niyaz Majeed Vit më parë
You do amazing work . Great job
Chad Jones
Chad Jones Vit më parë
Excellent video !! It’s nice seeing young people do the hard work themselves and being optimistic and making it happen . Good job sir !! Love these videos!
Hassan Haidar
Hassan Haidar Vit më parë
Bro you have skill , keep up the good work i wish you luck
What a Beautiful Dae
What a Beautiful Dae Vit më parë
The sound of the start... phenomenal. Inspired to start my own build 💯
Eduard Kononov
Eduard Kononov Vit më parë
Loving that Ukrainian flag dude oh yea and also the car
Liam Barton
Liam Barton Vit më parë
Feels bad how you accused goonz squad of using you, but 99% of your subs are from there channel
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Has nothing to do with subs.let me just tell you that
W Vit më parë
I saw you on the GS channel. Your work looks great. Advise to sort out your issues with them in private. Good luck with your business and your new channel.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Will do!
Pain is Temporary
Pain is Temporary Vit më parë
Nice work keep going Never look down Congrats from Portugal Azores
Roof Cris
Roof Cris Vit më parë
I didnt see you put the locks back on the lines.
nissanskyline123 Vit më parë
Your videos are awesome man. I have a learned a lot about what it takes to rebuild a car. Keep up the great videos.
sintwoOone Vit më parë
Should have Taxed Goonzquad from the jump! Business is business, friendship is friendship.... And your the one with ALL the skills and equipment anyways. Your in the better position for the long haul. Slow is steady, steady is fast!
Eric Green
Eric Green Vit më parë
I like that the music is just in the back ground and you can hear the working sounds.
David Mitchell
David Mitchell Vit më parë
Looking good . love the content. Vtune the unknown tech that made the squad look so good.
D H Vit më parë
Good work ethic brother! Coming together! And nice Adidas Inikis #Beblessed
Eric Touani
Eric Touani Vit më parë
Hey Vtune I hope you and the goon squad figure things out I just watched their video and was shock to see them work in the other shop kinda mess up because I feel like you should always stick with the people who wasn’t there when you had nothing just my humble opinion, hope this lil fame doesn’t get their head overwhelmed. Quick question what do you think about synthetic royal purple oil? I used it in all my car and seeing you used that oil got me wondering . Any give away ?
A2 Didit
A2 Didit Vit më parë
Nomore Goonzquad Builds ?
The Ajdin
The Ajdin Vit më parë
Like this type of video
Sercan K
Sercan K Vit më parë
Hey man not to be nosey or anything but why didnt you work on the Goonzquad's Viper?
AdrianDoesStuffLol Vit më parë
Sercan K They’re not cool with each other no more. Vtune said goonzquad used him...
B P Vit më parë
Ask goonzquad boyz for a link to some free music to use on your videos, the bird chirps in the one song you use is whackkk lol great vid tho vTuned
Voche68 Vit më parë
Ok u got me I subscribed lol. Well worth seeing a craftsman doing awesome work. Good luck n God bless to years of success
madman440 Vit më parë
No! You do not have to prefill car filters.
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne Vit më parë
I like you videos and work it's very interesting to watch. But please get a lapel mic or a mic that will make it much clearer for us to hear what you say when you talk more than a couple of feet away from the camera. Thanks for the great content again.
Badboydru gonna give it to ya
Badboydru gonna give it to ya Vit më parë
Wouldn't you want to drain the old gas ,from it sitting for awhile
Ron Jones
Ron Jones Vit më parë
Good series. Watched all of them.
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