Major FRAME flaw FIXED On My 1966 Coyote Swapped Mustang !

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vTuned garage

Muaj më parë

Welcome back to the channel in today's video we FIX the frame on the Mustang Enjoy !
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tonydrinkwine7 3 ditë më parë
I'm no expert in car building. But it's a definite. As B is for build recently said. It seems to be a trend on utube to not finish a build.
Giga Gogishvili
Giga Gogishvili 11 ditë më parë
we miss that project dude, where is it?
W4saknu 24
W4saknu 24 11 ditë më parë
ice man
ice man 19 ditë më parë
dude finish the car already
NEET Kyun 21 ditë më parë
Badly need some mustaang updates...
tae um
tae um 22 ditë më parë
welding gloves?! who needs those when you have vTuned!
William Hargrove
William Hargrove 24 ditë më parë
Please don't take all of these comments as a negative. Most people here seem to love the content and are offering constructive advice. Learn from the mistakes of others while still making this vehicle YOUR vehicle. Most of us commend you for the work that you are doing and watched (sometimes painfully) as you built and rebuilt the frame and made it what it is today. You are doing a good job. Keep up the good work. As a long time instructor of tradespeople in a college setting, please wear safety gear. Safety glasses (at all times, not just when YOU are grinding) and gloves. I have seen too many people injured by flying debris, which weren't always from what they were working on and workers with scared hands or missing fingers from not wearing gloves. Also, please consider putting a lip on the floor pans, bending in a drop to the lower level, and hanging them from the frame rails. They would be much stronger and hold the weight of the driver and passengers a whole lot better over bumps than any manner of securing of dissimilar metals from the bottom.
Mike Angelastro
Mike Angelastro 26 ditë më parë
The Mustang will be epic 🇺🇸
SBF Sicario
SBF Sicario 26 ditë më parë
Bro love the channel and mad respect for doing it your way on this whip, just one thing please bead roll some designs in the floor pans and whatever else you use for panels I'd you can because of the noise level in the car trust me I didn't in my car and it's annoying AF! Keep the content coming I'm digging it brother 👊
David Noyes
David Noyes 26 ditë më parë
I love this mustang build!! And that you are doing it your way, you do amazing work, and you must be doing something right, you seem pretty damn popular, the goons use you and so does Sam crack, I can’t wait to see the finished product
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch 27 ditë më parë
Did you get your money from mum and dad!@ or the street??
David 27 ditë më parë
You gotta make sure you box that section in to make it real nice and strong don't forget.
deko2000 Gaming
deko2000 Gaming 28 ditë më parë
i think your gonna take another year on this project don't you?
King Miura
King Miura 28 ditë më parë
You can't name it "Eleanor" but you could maybe name it "Elvira" and paint it 2 or 3 shades of black...a creative black paint job.
Stove Guy
Stove Guy 29 ditë më parë
Should have looked at some pro frames. Fat man? For simpler designs. U r crazy heavy.
WEE R DRONE TV 29 ditë më parë
Yes their brother let them know you're doing it your way
Niclas Nybakken
Niclas Nybakken 29 ditë më parë
Fuck the aluminum floor, go for thin sheetmetal instead. Besides, you might need the wheight for traction.
J. W Tiny
J. W Tiny 29 ditë më parë
I think u need a longer hacksaw blade. Lololol
Kula Hawaii
Kula Hawaii Muaj më parë
Incredible work!
memsybabe Muaj më parë
I'm curious, is this car actually going to be road legal when finished? Is there a law that allows home-builds with no tested crash protection for driver or pedestrian? I'm from the UK, so don't know how the law works over in the US. Over here, I reckon that'd have to be some kind of show car only.
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Muaj më parë
Great work
Timothy Herweynen
Timothy Herweynen Muaj më parë
Great job! Huge project that you’re doing you’re way, love it!👍🏻
Adam F Birch
Adam F Birch Muaj më parë
Can't wait for my box of vTuned con- *video ends*
Rockeroller Muaj më parë
What happened to the original 65? Did the entire car wind up in the bin?
Lucky_Ace Muaj më parë
4988lbs to keep it light 😂😂 keep it up vtuned. It’s your car
marky mark
marky mark Muaj më parë
Can you please number you’re videos to make it easier to view in order Cheers
Kramer Cuolahan
Kramer Cuolahan Muaj më parë
the only advice i can give you vTuned is to coat that box section in paint or at a minimum seam seal it because if water gets in there, it will rust it out in no time . Considering it was left in bare metal when sealed up. Build is coming along great though
wkjeom Muaj më parë
That Mustang will be a true antique before it's finished. Date will be 2066. Sorry! Just couldn't resist.
Scott Thorpe
Scott Thorpe Muaj më parë
I I have to say it's not very wise to take cheap shots at the people that are only trying to help you and have been helping you since you started this project. No one said you have to do things their way, they're only trying to give you advice and save you from making the same mistakes they did when they have built projects. Now I dont know about you dude but I'd rather listen to people's advice who know what they're talking about and learn rather than be a stubborn ass and keep making mistake after mistake as your doing. But hey if you dont want to listen that's fine do it the hard way just stop asking people for advice and asking people to leave comments in the comment section. Because asking for advice and when they do take cheapshots at them is kind of hypocritical.
Thomas Studio
Thomas Studio Muaj më parë
Do you have a twin brother?
RideThe6 Muaj më parë
4988 lbs.. HAHA.. tell em Bro !
Oscar Muaj më parë
Oscar Muaj më parë
You should take that frame to planned parenthood so they can abort it.
Michael Westernacher
Michael Westernacher Muaj më parë
Es wäre vielleicht besser gewesen vor dem verschließen der Ecken einen Holraumschutz aufzutragen... Rost ist da ohne vorprogrammiert
patches. simon
patches. simon Muaj më parë
how much is that thing going to weigh?
Dvlop001 Muaj më parë
Really kool video with all the peeps. Sick nascar frame. Those rims are just track. Awesome. I got to gave to new BMW shirts. So nice. Best wishes
Saksham Tiwari
Saksham Tiwari Muaj më parë
when this build is going to complete can't wait
New Image Remodeling and Paint
New Image Remodeling and Paint Muaj më parë
Always, do it the way you want. The hell with that all they know is how to talk shit.
SCH Muaj më parë
I want to see you do the CNC machine. Not your brothers.
Edward Harrell
Edward Harrell Muaj më parë
That's right bro, do it ur way,it's ur car,ur tools ur shop,keep doing it ur way,i love it,half the ppl probably can't do half of what u do
Bob Stienke
Bob Stienke Muaj më parë
V, I really want you to build that car MY way as I love it.
abolfazl abedi
abolfazl abedi Muaj më parë
ماهی یه کلیپ میزاره خودشه با گونز میکنه یکی کله شیری
David Wade
David Wade Muaj më parë
Love it! Those internet experts 😂😂😂
Wouter de Boer
Wouter de Boer Muaj më parë
Where are you going to put your gas tank?
mrman17 Muaj më parë
What you're doing at the 3:10 ish mark is called gusseting - this is where either a single sheet of metal (or more to make a "box") to strengthen at corners, etc. Boxing on a chassis is usually where hollow chassis sections or open ends of tubes are closed off. A lot of pre-built chassis are bent to shape, rather than cut and welded, and for that reason will be stronger - this may be OK, but personally, I would add some strengthening plates on the sides of some of those welded joins.
Ben Bazan
Ben Bazan Muaj më parë
Looking great!
Big G
Big G Muaj më parë
Keep at it and do it how you want, your car your rules simple. much love from North Wales Uk
dany asmaro
dany asmaro Muaj më parë
Man don’t worry about what keyboard warriors think do it you way if there don’t like it f@#k off keep it up man keep it real 👌💪
Nivek Marshall
Nivek Marshall Muaj më parë
Look at the moment 9:15 thru 9:20, it looks like twins or a crazy edit of two of him. They look so much alike from this view.
Shawn Cook
Shawn Cook Muaj më parë
I'm not a frame or car designer but how will that frame be strong enough and not twist.
DIYat home
DIYat home Muaj më parë
Awesome work bro. I haven't been looking into your channel for some time now tbh. Sorry jeje. It's great to see how much progress you've made with the car, it's inspiring, it really is. I have a junked Acura Integra that I love. It's been a year since I had an accident in it and I've really been affected by the Virus. The car is currently sitting on a empty field, has been for a year or more. Today I got a notice that they want me to remove it or they will crush it. Don't have anywhere to put it and don't have the money to fix it. I wish I knew how to weld. Maybe I could fix it, but hey.. I will just have to crush it. Man today was a hard day. I'm so depressed , because I just can't do anything about it. I will use your inspiration on some other proyect I guess. I hope you finish soon so you can enjoy all your hard work and dedication.
Marciaus007 Muaj më parë
Chris R
Chris R Muaj më parë
Good work dude coming along man I got my self the same project but a 1971 sedan Mustang thats a dragster. I'm doing a declassey version. Gonna be a different back end on it.
ASKEW_HUMIDITY_20years_RADHATOR Muaj më parë
DUDE Thats one hell of a derby car
Darren Hayesmore
Darren Hayesmore Muaj më parë
How are you intending to fix aluminium floor to the steel chassis. Could i suggest 3m 07333 structural adhesive and bsf. Will give you a very strong join and get round any cross contamination problems
jefffowlerr Muaj më parë
Vtuned stepped his game up with the CNC 👍👊
Keon Seuraj
Keon Seuraj Muaj më parë
In the factory cars are hold together with spot welds and people complaining about his welding joints🤣😃🤐🤐🤐
Mike G
Mike G Muaj më parë
any production car is safer than this thing.
justin romang
justin romang Muaj më parë
David Barnsley
David Barnsley Muaj më parë
Right attitude see what people may suggest but in the end it’s your car so do it your way 👍👍👍
GRAYZBILDZ Muaj më parë
So no rust prevention inside the boxing?
Abel Onyancha
Abel Onyancha Muaj më parë
Dude those r so many joints on that frame rail which compromises the structure of the vehicle. Vehicles don't have many joints on their chases like that....
Douglas Fehler
Douglas Fehler Muaj më parë
Just me again if you want to hear the song the futures so bright I got to wear shades the group is called Timbuktu 3.
Douglas Fehler
Douglas Fehler Muaj më parë
Just me again and yous got cnc table for making all those pretty little brackets and mounts the future looks bright I got to wear shades.
Douglas Fehler
Douglas Fehler Muaj më parë
You know ther are two mid engined ,mustangs that qualify to be called cars one is 69 silver nd another is a yellow with ford gt power powe Now you have lots of work into rear drive but if you do this again I say go fSt back with twin turbo under glass I li,e your build thats why I say net one maybe evenecoboost 4 cylinder then you can go crazy footnotes lots a room for driver and passenger 408 windsor to audi 5000 transaxle Kennedy engineer products ave swap for both smb fords bb fords and Small and big block chev not sure of ls hey you got a beamer I think the Bmw mi was a v12 mid engined suppercar, stay safe and remain healthy bye for now from regina canada. To say regina proper it is re then should sound like china or ryme whith China or certain anatomy parts just useless info.
GhostofUSS Muaj më parë
Love your vids, bro. You keep doing your thing. I cant wait to see it finished.
Shane Hurenkamp
Shane Hurenkamp Muaj më parë
This car would never ever be able to be registered in Australia with the frame and welding like that. It would also be classed as an "ICV" Individually constructed vehicle which means it would have to meet all the current design rules and safety and emission controls that are current at the time of registration. It would be considered as a 2020 model.
Cory Yeager
Cory Yeager Muaj më parë
Should fish plate every butt weld you ground down.
Howard Rice
Howard Rice Muaj më parë
WOW! Nice!!!
jonathan Bach
jonathan Bach Muaj më parë
Doing it your own way is what makes a build unique.
slaphappy813 Muaj më parë
ads every 3 mins killed this video...
JLCUBMH Muaj më parë
Check out 9:14 to 9:20 "TWINS" Like if you agree.....I`ve just had a quick look through the comments and it looks like I`m not the only one that noticed it. I think it`s his bro Paul the Painter.....
David Pascal
David Pascal Muaj më parë
Sophia Hsu
Sophia Hsu Muaj më parë
Just to add to what's already been said: The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from welding as carcinogenic to humans based on sufficient evidence of ocular melanoma in welders. Welders are at increased risk of skin cancer at all body sites.
Stacie Walker
Stacie Walker Muaj më parë
Pps we understand you want to do it your way. We all did and most all of us had to redo it
Stacie Walker
Stacie Walker Muaj më parë
P.s you car is coming along very nicely. Your doing what most with we could. Keep up your positive attitude
Stacie Walker
Stacie Walker Muaj më parë
VTUNED get some vise grip quick clamps. They make everything much. Easier when you by yourself
Stacie Walker
Stacie Walker Muaj më parë
VTUNED! Dont grind your welds fully off. I understand your using gussets. Removing weld makes the joint weaker.
Geo Martens
Geo Martens Muaj më parë
Looks great incredible amazing 😉
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun Muaj më parë
Yeah...there are a lot of great comments as usual...but you are the are in do you brother!
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman Muaj më parë
As a Certified ALnets commenter 4988 is still too much.
Julien R
Julien R Muaj më parë
So much featuring in this episode, vTuned, vTuned 2 and even vStock at @13:40 :)
CRFHONDARIDER100 Muaj më parë
Gonna make it 4988 cuz duh you guys are the experts 🤣
josian rodriguez
josian rodriguez Muaj më parë
Famy John
Famy John Muaj më parë
All of your processes and procedures are wrong. Chassis never build that ways. Its not just joining steal together and try to drive a car on roads. Better you learn before you start projects.
2H80vids Muaj më parë
I kinda doubt he'll take advice on chassis construction from someone who can't spell "steel". Just sayin'. 😁
Carl Chapman
Carl Chapman Muaj më parë
U ask people what they think and they should comment cause they ''experts'' but now ur saying people shouldnt tell u what to do that u wanna do it your way....low blow but fine,do it ur way then and bugger up like u did, but dont low blow viewers whos tryna help cause u asked for it. and cause of this im unsubscribing and not buying ur merch anymore.
Luis Toro-Figueroa
Luis Toro-Figueroa Muaj më parë
Digging it - taken a much better direction building the Mustang!!!
killachief187 Muaj më parë
Its your car do what you want, I'll still watch.
Darrell Baker
Darrell Baker Muaj më parë
Hey, building and learning is what it's all about. And I agree 100% on doing it your own way. Looking good!
DocMess Muaj më parë
I love the comment - I wanna build it my way.......I can imagine that is exactly why the majority of people watch the video´s. V Tuned please keep em comin . We all have our own ideas and ways of doing things. Cheers.
James Blount
James Blount Muaj më parë
How do you plan on preventing oxidization between the two different metals?
Mike G
Mike G Muaj më parë
he has no plan as usual
David B
David B Muaj më parë
everyone thinks they're an expert even though they've never built a car themselves. YOU are rocking it so ignore the "so-called experts" in the comments.
2H80vids Muaj më parë
A couple of simple questions about the "so-called experts": What makes you think that 𝑛𝑜𝑛𝑒 of the people who have criticised this build, or even just commented on it, are 𝑁𝑂𝑇 experts? The "show us your builds, or stfu" comments are pretty pointless. Why would an automotive engineer, at the very top of his profession, a 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑙 expert, upload stuff to ALnets? Maybe, when he gets home from designing cars, he has other hobbies. While not all of the comments are from experts, I'm pretty sure that some of them 𝐴𝑅𝐸. There are, without a doubt, people out there who know more about this stuff than vTuned. I'm sure he would admit that much himself. While criticism can be disheartening, constructive criticism could be a huge help. From the way he's responding to the comments section now, I think it's a waste of time offering advice now, expert or not. And, by the way, I'm definitely 𝒏𝒐𝒕. 😁
Mazen ZAKI
Mazen ZAKI Muaj më parë
Nice work !!! I just was wondering though if you have enough space for the transmission shaft and the exhaust tube(s) through that tunnel ???
Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick Muaj më parë
Your car, your ALnets channel, you build it EXACTLY like YOU want!
Nathan spot
Nathan spot Muaj më parë
does this one bring kids over the border?
Bob Shearer
Bob Shearer Muaj më parë
I love mustangs and you are doing a great job, but how are you going to have a flat bottom when you still need to run you exhaust? Just thinking
Restos & Rebuilds
Restos & Rebuilds Muaj më parë
People thought it'd be too weak? Unibody cars don't even have frame rails from front to back. The rockers/floor/roof is what ties the front to the back. I think it's over done... a single rail front to rear with the rollcage would be more than enough.
Grind Wood
Grind Wood Muaj më parë
Don’t forget the old saying VTUNED< “Opinions are like assholes, EVERBODY has one”, You do you man ignore the know it all’s.
xp Muaj më parë
Dude, don't even acknowledge the comments, it doesn't sound very professional even if you are correct. In other words, don't lower yourself to their level.
mike seguin
mike seguin Muaj më parë
I am very happy you have recognized that free technical advise is exactly that! (worthless). Please keep up with the great content.
Mike G
Mike G Muaj më parë
yeah he should ignore people who know better and just keep redoing shit because he has poor planning.
jeffrey c
jeffrey c Muaj më parë
here is a song for you
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