Rebuilding my Wrecked Nissan GTR Rebuild Part 3

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vTuned garage

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Welcome back to another video unfortunately I got into an accident and broke my neck but were back and ready to work enjoy this video.
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Luciiffeerr 3 ditë më parë
No sanding should be necessary if that piece was new
muzi1CK YT
muzi1CK YT 28 ditë më parë
How didbyou broke your Nike
Paul Shalom
Paul Shalom 28 ditë më parë
Dude says "by the way, I broke my neck" back to the car. 😂😂.
channel papy
channel papy 28 ditë më parë
he has a god hand !
falkahfy property
falkahfy property Muaj më parë
how old are you man? its really great to run your own garage in such a young age, looks that all you team have same age also 👍
David Crawford
David Crawford Muaj më parë
How did you break your neck? While riding in one of the the test drives you made? Hope and PRAY it heals well and is not too painful.
Dalton Burgess
Dalton Burgess Muaj më parë
Holy crap dude , I do this job as well and I wouldn't be workin with a broken neck , props to you brother
Austin Lamberton
Austin Lamberton Muaj më parë
I would buy one of your cars. Where can they be purchased?
Justin Hansen
Justin Hansen 2 muaj më parë
This reminds me of back few years ago my buddy broke his neck long boarding he was long boarding two days after getting out of hospital with his neck brace on just like yours.
Diego Investigado!
Diego Investigado! 3 muaj më parë
The best Chanel
Reginald Byrd
Reginald Byrd 4 muaj më parë
Brother were gonna just have to understand go get healed completely forget about those damn cars until your completely healed.
Picolas Cage
Picolas Cage 5 muaj më parë
Omg man you know everything about cars! Just wondering when did you folded the panel
Zeyad Shah
Zeyad Shah 5 muaj më parë
your work is really messy and you do not cover your car fully like goonzquad even when you apply primer or spot weld. Take a day or 2 extra to complete your project but stop being so messy all the time.
Lewis Hilaire
Lewis Hilaire 5 muaj më parë
Oo\__________/oO 00__/______\__00
Scott K
Scott K 5 muaj më parë
Ya you know I just broke my neck NBD!!
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson 5 muaj më parë
Hey guys, broke my neck, that's why there haven't been any videos in a few days. Let's get back to work on the GTR. Me: Wait, What??
Greg Cressey
Greg Cressey 6 muaj më parë
That looked a lot to move the front end how do you check that its not badly out of alignment and that the frame rails will have a small weakness now it has been bent and bent back?
Simon's CrashTestDB
Simon's CrashTestDB 6 muaj më parë
Your work is better than the nissan one
Dave K
Dave K 6 muaj më parë
Viraj Jadeja
Viraj Jadeja 6 muaj më parë
DE DESPEDIDA 7 muaj më parë
Yesterday a youtuber broke his arm bigdawntv or something and he made a whole long video about it, this dude drop the fact that he broke his neck like it was nothing.
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy 7 muaj më parë
Nice dude!!
artbyrobot 7 muaj më parë
please stop working you have a broken neck just rest
kevin superville
kevin superville 7 muaj më parë
Love the work bro. Good learning materials for someone if they don't have enough funds to pay to get the job done. Keep up the good work.👏👏👏👍👌🔥🔥🔥
bernard rolle
bernard rolle 8 muaj më parë
You're the best . Bahamas
David Thompson
David Thompson 9 muaj më parë
I'm sure your doctor would kick your ass if he saw this video!! Lol.
T3RM1N8T0R 9 muaj më parë
Im here because of Goonzquad
Tiger k Sewsankar
Tiger k Sewsankar 9 muaj më parë
Good to have you back v tune.
PimpSolja49 9 muaj më parë
How come insurance companies usually always write off a car that has frame damage when it can be pulled back to spec? Is it because it becomes weaker and they don't trust to durability of the frame after?
James Foster
James Foster 9 muaj më parë
Damn dude is hard core. Broke my neck but I'm good.
Kausik Koley
Kausik Koley 9 muaj më parë
Frederico Mega
Frederico Mega 10 muaj më parë
casual broken neck, no problem, got to get back to work on the gtr, respect.
nadeera gunatileka
nadeera gunatileka 10 muaj më parë
do you sell this cars? and where to buy it?
Robert Romero
Robert Romero 10 muaj më parë
I love the color of gray primer when its wet, if you clear coated it while looking like that will it hold its shine, or wet gloss look? Or will it dry down.
J. Miller
J. Miller 10 muaj më parë
2:50 sorry but this came so random, you mentioned that your broken neck so casually i actually had to laugh xD get well soon
ANDREW Stratford
ANDREW Stratford 10 muaj më parë
Your a very clever young man you could inspire a lot of kids your age.
محمد السالم M . S
محمد السالم M . S 10 muaj më parë
Before you repaint the paint, wait for it to dry. Thank you
Roblox_fanGamer 10 muaj më parë
The person who drove this once beautiful car was an idiot who couldn't drive and swung her into a wall the idiot🤬 love how it's turning out👌 love ppl fixing once beautiful cars.
[DGXL]de gamers xl
[DGXL]de gamers xl 10 muaj më parë
Keep it black its cooler
Rick Folks
Rick Folks 10 muaj më parë
Mad fkn skills dude. Go big, you will be hugely successful, zero doubt about it. So young and already so smart and talented.
Earl Smithson
Earl Smithson 10 muaj më parë
vTuned, first saw you doing work for the goonz, and now samcrac. I have restored many tri-five chev’s and early Corvettes. I must say, never have I seen a man of your years work so professional and turn out such excellent work. Your vids are both educational and entertaining. BTW new to your channel I-just hit the Subscribe and the like button.
Dr. Abel Gideon
Dr. Abel Gideon 10 muaj më parë
NOW we know why body work cost's an arm and a leg!
Alex Muindi
Alex Muindi 10 muaj më parë
is there part 4?
CR7 CR7 10 muaj më parë
PART 4???
James Kim
James Kim 10 muaj më parë
Share your knowledge and tools of the trade(recommendation on tools)with the viewers who are DIY guys and gals. Such as step by step how to repair plastic bumper or what is good tools. Share the Life and know how, you will have millions of viewers. CHEERS....
MyChannel 11 muaj më parë
Took a good hit on the nose that's for sure!
Thepartypooper 9257
Thepartypooper 9257 11 muaj më parë
7:40 I got a bit bored around here
Suck My_Duk
Suck My_Duk 11 muaj më parë
Just watch all videos new subscriber .....keep up the good work....
Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero 11 muaj më parë
Hi front México city brother
Jonathan Bishop
Jonathan Bishop 11 muaj më parë
Has he really broken His neck? Or is He just acting the goat? 🤔 If He has, then that's a damn good recovery.
Mohd Zuhdi
Mohd Zuhdi 11 muaj më parë
damnn the painting scene are the most satisfiying part in this video
King Moto
King Moto 11 muaj më parë
Straight savage ahh you know working on my GTR but broke my neck no biggie so anywho back to the gtr🤣
King Moto
King Moto 11 muaj më parë
Straight savage ahh you know working on my GTR but broke my neck no biggie🤣🤣
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 11 muaj më parë
I hope you get better soon mate, and heal strong.
SMASH TIME 11 muaj më parë
Next vid???????????
Alex Nava
Alex Nava 11 muaj më parë
Just subed
Jasdeep Jundoria
Jasdeep Jundoria 11 muaj më parë
Take easy okay because it can start to hurt a lot
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 11 muaj më parë
Man, I was really getting into the rebuild of that GTR. Is there a Part 4?
Androide - MAX
Androide - MAX 11 muaj më parë
Saludos desde PERÚ.
Michal Zeman
Michal Zeman 11 muaj më parë
So nice video :) I'm also in cars but more likely in engines and basic repairs :)
K TweZi
K TweZi 11 muaj më parë
Real man nice to see Strong Young Men! We need more like you! I'm the same way, knocked the engine out my car in a multiple head on collision. Broke arm,ribs,nose and since the (airbag should be call a concrete bag) concussion bag only deploys once broke teeth on the steering wheel! Talk bout some good pain! The paramedics said OMG your alive. I said no my car lol. Funny now wasn't then. Ouch you could say.but I walked that shit off like a G! Got a DUI it was so bad the cops gave me a signature bond just for going to get checked out. My PO was pissed bahaha. Jus glad I'm the only one that got hurt. Cops stole my jewelry like usual. Sucks but what do you do.
Rafael Solórzano
Rafael Solórzano 11 muaj më parë
You break your neck and mention it as if it was nothing more than a broken a nail? Man, take good care of yourself, you do not want to be a creaky old man before your time.
bruno silva
bruno silva 11 muaj më parë
u shulden put bondo on window seal
The King
The King 11 muaj më parë
take care of yourself youngster...aige is a ride...enjoy it
JLCUBMH 11 muaj më parë
I've been working in the automotive/mechanical/body repair and customising for over 30 years and this Vtuned geezers work and attention to detail is outstanding and probably is in my top 10 best. I've been watching the work he does on this channel for well over 18 months now, I've also watched the work he has done on other ALnetsrs channel/cars, ie - GOONZSQUAD,SAMCRAC AND TAVARISH is to name a few. He is still young and is going to get alot better than he already is. Mark my words this geezer is going to be FAMOUS for the work he is going to be doing or done. Just need to add that my pops who has been working on and customising all types of vehicles for over 55 years is also impressed with Vtuned work, My pops has been watching Vtuned video's constantly for the past 6 months and he said he is gonna keep watching...... Thanx Vtuned keep up the great quality of you work geezer........
nixnguyen 11 muaj më parë
How do I get one of the GTR hoodies?
KEITH VINCENT 11 muaj më parë
Take it easy let your people help you for a while Merry Christmas
The BMX PT 11 muaj më parë
Just seen you on goons quad glad to see you again. Hope recovery is going well
jeejay98 11 muaj më parë
New Subbed. Got your channel from the Goonz.
Bob Lee Hai Ching
Bob Lee Hai Ching 11 muaj më parë
This is another fine Engineering young man who has full knowledge of mechanical know-how in dealing with Wrecked cars, be it big or small he can do it........! Well done..... Cheers from the Far East......
Markus Riippa
Markus Riippa 11 muaj më parë
goonzquad send me here
Jarry from Wagga
Jarry from Wagga 11 muaj më parë
You guys should do a rebuild race with GOONZQUAD
Noah Hofford
Noah Hofford 11 muaj më parë
One of my most favorite things in these videos is his shorts
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke 11 muaj më parë
I’m a goonzquad fan and seen you in their last video. Your channel is awesome too. New subscriber here dude!
Jason Monaco
Jason Monaco 11 muaj më parë
Vtuned Your body working skills are on point son and you did it with a broken fricken neck!
Brian French
Brian French 11 muaj më parë
Painful to watch knowing your injured... you need to take time off... your work ethic is off the charts. But please play it safe.
Richmond gentry
Richmond gentry 11 muaj më parë
This dude is a badass!! He broke his damn neck an still is working on cars like nothing. I hope u get well soon
Charl-John du Plessis
Charl-John du Plessis 11 muaj më parë
Would love to have some context as to the neckbrace.
Bryan Crews
Bryan Crews 11 muaj më parë
Glad you’re better. Can’t wait for the mustang build.
Leng Ngam
Leng Ngam 11 muaj më parë
From Goonzquad channel.
Paressh Murudkar
Paressh Murudkar 11 muaj më parë
You're hardworking and sweet person.
HushNightBatday 11 muaj më parë
updates on the M4? 👍
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 11 muaj më parë
Yes old skool car just what i wanted to see 🤟
ofir wsoft
ofir wsoft 11 muaj më parë
WHERE R U ?????????????????????? - BLACK EYE ?
Atul M
Atul M 11 muaj më parë
Man literally suckered me into subscribing with that Mustang teaser. Legendary move. Been waiting for the goonzquad boys to rebuild a classic, but in glad youre doing it first !
waterbottlee 11 muaj më parë
Atul Manoj same, goon squad should do one. I asked a while ago about 3 months in the comments and they said soon but i guess the Ferrari’s took it’s place
S O N N Y 11 muaj më parë
@7:30. Song name????
CheckUrHead _
CheckUrHead _ 11 muaj më parë
Nice to see this young man with a broken neck working harder than most people that are 100% healthy.
Monty 392
Monty 392 11 muaj më parë
These build videos are exactly how id like to see them. Sorry about your neck. Hope you heal up well. Nice vids
1974mazdarx3sedan 11 muaj më parë
haha, oh shit, i've been looking at my feed and thinking, "where are the new vids!?! the hell?!? bunch of lazy, no counts.." and never actually watched this one. please accept my apologies, sir and take your time on a full recovery.
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton 11 muaj më parë
Where did you learn magic?
Rad Ghorabi
Rad Ghorabi 11 muaj më parë
hi there great work was woundering where your located
S K 11 muaj më parë
You should have sprayed some cold galvanizing rustoleum spray on the spot welds first in order to put a layer of zinc on top of the grinded surface before putting the filler on. That'd have protected the car from rust for a much longer period of time. Body filler tends to hold trace amounts of water underneath it that gradually eats up the bare metal. That also ends up bubbling up the paint on those spots.
snap motomag
snap motomag 11 muaj më parë
i pefer to view your work and show versus goonsquad as the goons seem to over bling n pimp up everything they restore for no reasons .....well done from Australia mate
h cj
h cj 11 muaj më parë
Bro your the man def a super star love your work always look forward to what you repair and it doesn't matter you good skills bro better then the other pretenders thanks for your vids cheers
Bryant Najera
Bryant Najera 11 muaj më parë
I fw the stang heavy
DRIVE ventures
DRIVE ventures 11 muaj më parë
That's the same exact type of frame machine a buddy of mine has at his shop*
Tony Gaetani
Tony Gaetani 11 muaj më parë
vTuned Keep the good work up, you are the BEST!!!!
Mark Scott
Mark Scott 11 muaj më parë
nice to see measurement points and references taken before pulling the rail back.the fun of body filler to smooth out imperfections and shipping damage on large panels, nice wet coats of primer and bending the arm not the wrist when painting. Car is looking good, great vid, look after yourself and try not to break.your neck again.
Oscar 11 muaj më parë
Did you go to school to learn all this I’m jealous let me know I want to be just like you 🔥❤️
Sid East
Sid East 11 muaj më parë
Keep the Vids Coming Bro !!! Hope your recovering niceley ....
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