My Destroyed Ram Is Finally Complete ! Part 9

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video we paint the truck bed and put together the final parts for the truck! Price reveal will be in the last Ram Video! Enjoy!
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Matthew Chase
Matthew Chase 2 ditë më parë
That’s a nice truck
Andrew Soulby
Andrew Soulby 3 ditë më parë
Should use and old glass window as a nicky board, so easy to clean down with some thinner afterward.
HOTRODRICO 5 ditë më parë
I wanted to see it start up, run, see it washed up and you driving it to talk about the process.. that truck ain't stale bro ?
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 5 ditë më parë
Outstanding job on the rebuild. But you need to show it off a little for us. Also are you going to keep it?
Scott Staples
Scott Staples 6 ditë më parë
Just now watched great job remember the right tool for the right job..
billy wang
billy wang 13 ditë më parë
well done. nice work.酷绚狂拽屌炸天!
Half Amill Rebuilds
Half Amill Rebuilds 13 ditë më parë
clean truck upset i just sold my ram that i rebuilt yesterday :(
Matthew 19 ditë më parë
New subscriber here. I watched all the episodes back to back. I'd agree with a lot on here that the ending deserved to be better after investing the time to watch it straight through. I was enthralled with the project and in awe of what you can do for being so young. I think you should have an episode 10 and really show it off like Sam does. What it cost for the parts and what it cost in the end. What you paid for it was a great deal! The motor and trans was worth that. I think its great that you show pretty much everything you have to do and the detail. Its a shame you cut it short. I hope you give the project the and your subscribers a finale to your Ram. Great channel I hope all the endings aren't like this one.
Ace stringer
Ace stringer 21 ditë më parë
Good job....nice what u do! Keep up ya good work!
MrMauidiver 24 ditë më parë
The next thing you can do is take an English class to illuminate the word “so” from your vocabulary. Although you may not be able to speak without that word. I do admire your craftsmanship.....just not your narration. So, so, so, so, so, so, so..............
Sandoval Daniel
Sandoval Daniel 26 ditë më parë
fixs up a 1992 ford f150 plz
Chris Manzo
Chris Manzo 26 ditë më parë
Only ALnetsr I support till this day
E 26 ditë më parë
how do you not paint the inside of that tailgate my god lmao
Noor Zaidi Ahmad
Noor Zaidi Ahmad 28 ditë më parë
Excellent , good skill , good job ... , regards from dannok city n kuala lumpur ... !
Sergio Aguayo
Sergio Aguayo 29 ditë më parë
Are you all grown men or children? If you’re a grown man it’s pretty pathetic to demand personal satisfaction when he took you along for the entire ride of the rebuild. You should stick to content creators that provide that information if that’s what you like. Don’t force other people to go by a certain agenda or script. vTuned is a grown man and I’m 100% sure he knows about other techniques regarding content creation and monetization but doesn’t want to change who he is for other people. In a nutshell, support the man if you like his content and don’t try to dictate how he should run his channel.
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Muaj më parë
Awesome video 👌 well done
Andy Van Orden
Andy Van Orden Muaj më parë
Great work and excellent job, however... VERY lame way to end it. You bought the truck for 11k, got that. Did ya fix it to sell it? How much are into it now for after fixing it? How long did it take in real time to fix? Maybe let us see the whole thing? Cmon man
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Muaj më parë
One more episode coming !
Carel Pieterse
Carel Pieterse Muaj më parë
Do a ford raptor Pls
Carel Pieterse
Carel Pieterse Muaj më parë
Do a ford raptor
Angel Osornio
Angel Osornio Muaj më parë
Can I put that front grill on a 2019 ram crew cab 1500 express classic body style?
omfgitsshan Muaj më parë
COME ON!!! That's how you end a 9 part video? Talk about a let down! Don't say you still have a few more things to finish but you won't make another video. We want to see the final 100% finished product. Not 97%. If there is a delay, then just wait until then to make a final video. Also why no cost breakdown? The rim was also damaged - did you end up fixing it or replacing it? Also the final reveal just seemed like an afterthought. Put the vehicle out and give us a few interior and exterior views. Isn't that the least you could have done after making us watch 9 parts?! You come across as nice and knowledgable and I love how you explain everything, adding to that with all the camera + editing you guys have done these videos really well. I hope we won't have any future disappointments like this. Anything that is going to take 9 parts to reveal should have a thorough big reveal. My suggestion is to keep some notes on what to do for a final reveal/video - cost, summary of issues, negative and positive stuff during the build, time taken and then some nice eye candy interior and exterior videos. Check off those boxes everytime you make a final video.
Lensper Kalio
Lensper Kalio Muaj më parë
The hard work finally paid off, like the new head lights for sure and yes the truck absolutely looks dope when you assembled everything together..!!
superteckmp Muaj më parë
11k for the truck plus how much for the parts?
RAEMON EDWARD Muaj më parë
H ε z я o и
H ε z я o и Muaj më parë
cant believe this is the end 😔😔 #disappointed
JDI_ragez Muaj më parë
pleaseeee do a crashed hellcat
Jmase Muaj më parë
Great trabajo my friend!!!
Thick Slabb
Thick Slabb Muaj më parë
I have a question on the Ram. What did you do for a replacement dash? I have the same truck only a Laramie package. I’m needing the same dash as you have in your Ram. Please let me know.
theboss 1622
theboss 1622 Muaj më parë
Damm you did a great job just seen all the videos since you got the truck 👍👍👍
ans tyagi
ans tyagi Muaj më parë
Need to know how much you spent on the truck
Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf Muaj më parë
What is the RED Wheel you're using to get the adhesive off with?
Schminner Muaj më parë
With all that time, labor, and parts, wouldn't it be more economical to just buy a new one?
Moose Muaj më parë
He bought the truck for 11K, His time is essentially free - other than the lost opportunity cost. since its family he probably didn't pay for any paint or misc materials. Getting a bunch of parts at the junkyard is relatively cheap. He probably spent no more than 5K in parts. And a clean title truck like that would probably sell for around 40K
adoniz hernandez
adoniz hernandez Muaj më parë
Can you guys please do a first gen Chrysler 300
jamshaed iqbal
jamshaed iqbal Muaj më parë
How much you spend on to restore the beast
sk 143
sk 143 Muaj më parë
You guys did very hard work Respect 🙏❤️
in motion
in motion Muaj më parë
11 k wow that's nice rig buddy good job your lucky that's nice truck
Marcos Roberto Jakovacz
Marcos Roberto Jakovacz Muaj më parë
Muito bom o serviço de reparação, alinhamento e pintura, me fez lembrar de quando fazia esse trabalho em minha oficina.
TRUE NORTH Muaj më parë
Yeah show a full revealing on the truck common
Sergii Mazur
Sergii Mazur Muaj më parë
where is the test drive???
Baysik Muaj më parë
How do those nails taste?
Sujith S.P
Sujith S.P Muaj më parë
Hi bro nice work👌. Love from India
Виктор Габуда
Виктор Габуда Muaj më parë
saif amin
saif amin Muaj më parë
Front grill should be chrome seems beautiful
Luis Narro
Luis Narro Muaj më parë
Great job, congratulations, I guess, wheels and tires may be better
Hunter Hooks
Hunter Hooks Muaj më parë
Several hours of footage on building this truck. "Should we show the final product?" Na they know what a 2018 dodge looks like. Lol
Deontray Bunch
Deontray Bunch Muaj më parë
Make a hellcat
beastblocker 04
beastblocker 04 Muaj më parë
Please a Mitsubishi rx7
Margot Downing
Margot Downing Muaj më parë
Harbor freight torx, value shopper i see :D
Alonzo FINE ART Muaj më parë
Agree with the previous comment. Watched all videos and not even a drive around.
Alex Mendosa
Alex Mendosa Muaj më parë
Great video can’t complain
BLJLLA24 Muaj më parë
Please make a vid just showing off all of the truck. The front, sides, back, underneath, the inside, etc. We spent over 2 hours and countless ads and barely got to see any of the finished product. Also would like a general cost breakdown and hours worked on it too
Sergio Aguayo
Sergio Aguayo 29 ditë më parë
Are you a grown man or a child? If you’re a grown man it’s pretty pathetic to demand personal satisfaction when he took you along for the entire ride of the rebuild. You should stick to content creators that provide that information if that’s what you like. Don’t force other people to go by a certain agenda or script. vTuned is a grown man and I’m 100% sure he knows about other techniques regarding content and monetization but doesn’t want to change how he is for other people. In a nutshell, support the man if you like his content and don’t try to dictate how he should run his channel.
David Shelly
David Shelly Muaj më parë
You guys really did a great job on that truck it it's beautiful
Chief119 Muaj më parë
Wow, you guys are AWESOME!
giuliano ingrao
giuliano ingrao Muaj më parë
13:37 omg why you didn't paint the inside :/
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai Muaj më parë
This guy is literally one man army.😘😘😘
Mirko Muaj më parë
Great work, but what happens with the one rim?
sonam alex
sonam alex Muaj më parë
You did Great job buddy I wish to see driving that beast on road when u have free time.
Rickety Rocket
Rickety Rocket Muaj më parë
Well...does it run or what? lol
brian wilkins
brian wilkins Muaj më parë
That was some complete ass. You finally finish it and all you do is pan the camera around it? DRIVE IT!
SEAMÀNS Tv Muaj më parë
I love watching your video... Guys youv got talent... Keep safe...
Vortec Fabian
Vortec Fabian Muaj më parë
Buy my cateye for stupid cheap
Janet C
Janet C Muaj më parë
Gorgeous truck, minus the wheels.
MrLelo80 Muaj më parë
Awesome paintwork on the car looks very nice!
LiamDR Muaj më parë
nice vid and all, but after all that you dont even start it up lol
Dayne Price
Dayne Price Muaj më parë
I wanna se a first gen Cummins rebuild
Viper Platinum
Viper Platinum Muaj më parë
How much money did you put into the truck
Nuly Nafisah
Nuly Nafisah Muaj më parë
Great jobs...
Andrew Rodden
Andrew Rodden Muaj më parë
i see all that orange peel and dirt in the paint
Ormond Gamer
Ormond Gamer Muaj më parë
Nice rebuild. I do have one concern on the painting. Why not paint the inside of the tail lamp assembly on the bed? Looks kind of glaring that its not original as soon as you have to change a tail light bulb.
Ali Khoshkam
Ali Khoshkam Muaj më parë
Hailu Berhanu
Hailu Berhanu Muaj më parë
Dirty hands are the sign of clean money.
Damian Balan
Damian Balan 12 ditë më parë
Tell that to mafia
N. E. Londoño
N. E. Londoño Muaj më parë
You are genius. I really enjoyed this ram work
All-Star Trends
All-Star Trends Muaj më parë
Fix my Chrysler 300 2008 please . I live in LA. It would be a great build
Sailesh Kumar Patnaik
Sailesh Kumar Patnaik Muaj më parë
Total expenses on it??
Allan Gonzales
Allan Gonzales Muaj më parë
Great job! Been watching since the first part up to the last. I admire that kind of job because I myself love assembling and dis-assembling too. Watching here from the Philippines. 😊
Eng. Matin Aman
Eng. Matin Aman Muaj më parë
i did not enjoy the video at all
Zeroplanetz Muaj më parë
Minus your labor, what was the final cost?
Mumon Bp
Mumon Bp Muaj më parë
Use headlamp Mustang
Faze Ruben
Faze Ruben Muaj më parë
I built 300 Chrysler
eddy hasselbaink
eddy hasselbaink Muaj më parë
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Muaj më parë
What do you guys charge, to build a truck?
John Berryhill
John Berryhill Muaj më parë
I really enjoyed watching the complete rebuild. I'd like to ask, I know you paid $11,000 for the truck at auction but, how much did you spend on all parts to complete?
Ash Harris
Ash Harris Muaj më parë
Just an educated guess, they spent 4000 parts and materials so have around 15000 in the truck. It looks like a resale value would be in the 19 to 21 range on a salvage title. Maybe a little more if really low 5kish profit.
Stian Abbedissen
Stian Abbedissen Muaj më parë
You could use a custom buildt car trailer. Have you done that before?
virendra kumar pandey
virendra kumar pandey Muaj më parë
So sad 😔, you have to give a complete walkarround😀, love from india
Diego Cordova
Diego Cordova Muaj më parë
Dexter Muaj më parë
A totaled hellcat charger!
Cesar Pinedo S.
Cesar Pinedo S. Muaj më parë
Very nice job.. Congrats..
Darmok at Tanagra
Darmok at Tanagra Muaj më parë
Really enjoyed this truck rebuild - you are super talented and extremely hard working! One suggestion, I think many of us were looking forward to more at the end, cost breakdown, test drive, etc.... felt like it was just cut off at the end.
thomas persson
thomas persson Muaj më parë
Great job well done 👏🏻🇺🇸
Brandon Lowery
Brandon Lowery Muaj më parë
Got people that prob cant even put together a lego set complaing lmao
Step Stone
Step Stone Muaj më parë
julio cesar
julio cesar Muaj më parë
Brent Dupuis
Brent Dupuis Muaj më parë
Big let down on the reveal common!!!! Spent awhile watching this whole series and don’t even tell us complete cost of repair?!? Let alone hardly show the new truck off very disappointed ain’t getting my sub
rockbay79 Muaj më parë
Please rebuild any model Toyota 4X4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 1980's model would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
frras othman
frras othman Muaj më parë
Mido King
Mido King Muaj më parë
clean work , you are amazing guy
ओ३म् ॐ
ओ३म् ॐ Muaj më parë
✌️👍🧡 from India !!
Turbo Trueno
Turbo Trueno Muaj më parë
A lot of work of a work truck lol you better not scratch that truck.
Ernest Martinez
Ernest Martinez Muaj më parë
You just turn 11 thousand to 25 thousand or more wow
VISHNU PRASAD Muaj më parë
Great work 👏 hattsoff you guys
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