Rebuilding A Wrecked Honda S2000 Part 2

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vTuned garage

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Welcome back to another video today we paint the engine bay and assemble most of the front end.
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YENi HAYAT 3 muaj më parë
You are a great expert builder. Best greetings from Turkey👏👏
Mr.American 8 muaj më parë
Do you guys work on other people's car?
Mr.American 8 muaj më parë
Dam.. my s2000 is in the same shape
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 8 muaj më parë
No this was my cousin’s car.
Mr.American 8 muaj më parë
Where are you guys located?!
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto 9 muaj më parë
ElChafalote 9 muaj më parë
Awesome channel, just take more time with video and audio
GW 11 muaj më parë
I love v tuned,s work, most talented young dude out there but would you watch a movie with no ending or tell a joke without the punchline ? Viewers need to see cars finished to fully buy into channels !
David Farley
David Farley 11 muaj më parë
Honda NSX-R
Honda NSX-R Vit më parë
Really nice video( ´∀`)
Daniel w
Daniel w Vit më parë
Weiß jemand was für ein Akku Schrauber das ist
C Money
C Money Vit më parë
why do u look mad at the starting of every video :P
GW Vit më parë
Was hoping to see the Honda finished any news ?
N Hodgson
N Hodgson Vit më parë
What happened to vTuned? Were did you go, man?
18 колес по США
18 колес по США Vit më parë
Vtune any new builds coming for you??
Hookah Phene
Hookah Phene Vit më parë
My man its been 4 weeks without a video whats goin on?!?!?
Tony Black
Tony Black Vit më parë
Vtunes wa you at boi
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman Vit më parë
KeiNovak Vit më parë
Where you at, man? Missing your stuff! Hope things are ok
J Miles
J Miles Vit më parë
Vtuned you ok? On vacation? Miss the vids.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Got 'M
Got 'M Vit më parë
Yo Vtuned we miss you put out a new video ASAP!
Kevin Vilchez
Kevin Vilchez Vit më parë
It's been 2 weeks what happened guys??
Tyler NL
Tyler NL Vit më parë
What pressure do you set your paint gun to?
Justin Korzo
Justin Korzo Vit më parë
2006 not 2004
Back 2 Life
Back 2 Life Vit më parë
I would never trust myself to take apart a car this much and put it back together. I remember having extra screws when putting back together a remote control car 😂
Matt Greenland
Matt Greenland Vit më parë
Should fix Jackie Ding's TA90 Supra next!
Mark Machine
Mark Machine Vit më parë
These guys actually have a 800hp s2k they are hiding in their garage I've seen it myself
Todd R
Todd R Vit më parë
I’d love to see someone be the first to rebuild a Jeep Gladiator!
G W Vit më parë
Nice drop that the goonzquad still have their S2000,,it disappeared of the radar,,,V tuned always makes everything seem so easy ,,super talented guy,,,love the yellow finish ,!!
Reggae Lova
Reggae Lova Vit më parë
Nice work
Mike Angelastro
Mike Angelastro Vit më parë
Great video. Good work
Yorkiepoocharlie Vit më parë
Are these repairs consistent with what a Honda certified repair center would do?
Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith Vit më parë
Yes same way
bentgodtnok Vit më parë
OEM - your skills are amazing. Looking forward to your next update. Best regards from Denmark 🇩🇰
Stop Teoriom Spiskowym
Stop Teoriom Spiskowym Vit më parë
I think it not wrecked you did not see how wrecked S2000 looks like.
gregory891 Vit më parë
Interesting to watch, however you missed a few plastic clips (now painted yellow), didn’t fully spray some of the radiator support sections, didn’t primer or paint the inside of the replacement fender, etc. You also had a chance to do better than the factory by painting some of the unseen non-painted sections of the inner fender areas.
ALEX TOVAR Vit më parë
Hello vTunned Garage. Love your videos.Keep up the good work.Greeting from Venezuela!!!!!
tracycolorado Vit më parë
V , paint that damn Ugly valve cover yellow or black too
yodaistheone Vit më parë
Watching a artist at work. Well done.
Michael Strachan
Michael Strachan Vit më parë
Hi young man, I do believe you should pay more attention to the use of "Personal Protective Equipment". It aint macho not to use it, just short sighted. As an old soldier in the SADF I am now paying dearly for for my macho suntans of the late 1970's and early 1980's in the bush wars. It was hip to have a "cool tan" and now at age 60 I am a terminal skin cancer patient with no viable or affordable treatment options, I now count off the months! Treasure your health when you are young, you do not get a second chance when it all goes wrong in your older years. I do enjoy your uploads and you are certainly most talented, one of the best I have seen fron "Samcrac" to "WatchRJco" and "Rebuilederguy" as well as "Vehcor". I wish you lots of good luck and common sense in the years to come.
Badoor 77
Badoor 77 Vit më parë
Good job Less talking 👍 more working.
Money mike Slick will
Money mike Slick will Vit më parë
Great job v
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin Vit më parë
If you like to watch rebuilds, this channel is one of the best. He can paint, straighten frames, and repair damage. To compare him to the Goonz is ridiculous - theirs is a kids show, and they do not know what they are doing.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Vit më parë
Why didn’t you get all front end parts from goonzquad?
Bugin1967 Vit më parë
Love your Work Guys!.. No Talking just putting in some Great work on these cars I’ve learned a lot
Brian Mac
Brian Mac Vit më parë
Awesome video and excellent content
Dennis Vivian
Dennis Vivian Vit më parë
Yes done again thanks for another great vid thanks from all here to all there Australia
emad moner
emad moner Vit më parë
Hi veined I want ask about frame machine how much it new and used ? egypt
Prince Vit më parë
How the hell does he know where everything goes when every car he does is different? This is insane. 🤔🤪
at rem79
at rem79 Vit më parë
A Rust free S2000 getting rare in Europe
Carl Soderstrom
Carl Soderstrom Vit më parë
Isn't he spraying paint all over the shop? Why no paint booth ...
T Tass
T Tass Vit më parë
Good job bro
Luke Fensome
Luke Fensome Vit më parë
If I just had VTuned’s frame rack, Tools, knowledge, enthusiasm, skill and years of experience.. I could easy do this! LOL.. Thanks for some great vids..
michael norwood
michael norwood Vit më parë
Love ❤️ the time lapse background music jam
Bullitt Bob
Bullitt Bob Vit më parë
Hey your work and the channel!! Your "can do" attitude is inspiring...keep the great content coming.
Fred Chase
Fred Chase Vit më parë
Hey V Tuned ant new builds for yourself in the near future?
portabull Vit më parë
vtuned for the win!
seropserop Vit më parë
I’m not a specialist but aren’t the radiator supports and frame pieces left flat from the factory? I’ve never seen clear coat under the hood from the factory
Michael Tondi
Michael Tondi Vit më parë
He makes it look sooooo easy.
Crash Life
Crash Life Vit më parë
I feel like those front frame rails should have been hit too, but great video.
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke Vit më parë
Reassembling ac system without changing o-rings is asking for leaks :/
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Vit më parë
What happened to the Porsche build?
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee Vit më parë
Why did you not finish the fender or did you last seen was not painted or cleared. Im purchasing my first build and may contact you about doing frame work first thing it's an 18 Raptor
steve ash
steve ash Vit më parë
I never see the point of filling the under parts!!! It's never seen again. As long as its painted for rust proofing...whats the point as long as its strong an fix correct.
SubUrban Cowboy
SubUrban Cowboy Vit më parë
The car looks great!
ja nup
ja nup Vit më parë
Clear cote in engine bay? That's something new.
FourthQuata Westbrook
FourthQuata Westbrook Vit më parë
Yo Vtuned I'm a subcriber and big fan of your work.. by question is bro. Do you sell these cars after repairs and if so do you have to list the damages and extent of repairs upon sale and does that effect asking price??
Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber Vit më parë
Becoming my favorite of all the builders channels. Getting tired of all the silly builds and mods on the others. Best thing: SPEAKS CLEARLY, DOESN'T REPEAT HIMSELF, AND GETS TO WORK!
Zane Howard
Zane Howard Vit më parë
i hate an s2000 but its cool to see anything come back to is former glory!
VM- Hoss
VM- Hoss Vit më parë
BTW: Your videos are awesome!
Paint Society
Paint Society Vit më parë
Hey quick question. This color is a yellow tri coat pearl. Did you skip the pearl?
spoottrockstar Vit më parë
This is one of my favorite channels, every time I watch it I learn something and it is relaxing. keep up the good work.
Reuben Pieterse
Reuben Pieterse Vit më parë
Hi vTuned man you do astonishing work this Honda S2000 looks better than when it left the factory what a relay good OEM job. ✌😎✌
Le LOUISE Vit më parë
Hey tu fais tout comme gonzquad
David Ball
David Ball Vit më parë
About time the Goonz helped you out for a change! Lol
Randy Travis
Randy Travis Vit më parë
Who do you think helped him get his channel started!
Alex Vit më parë
Wait yo! You dont use a jacking pad? Tut tut man.
jayswin2 Vit më parë
Sorry if i missed it, but why did you only paint the outer edge of the wing/fender?
ZoplerDadatt Vit më parë
Main paint work will be done in the paint booth (less trash in the paint).
James T
James T Vit më parë
Why don’t you paint the back of the fender to match the other side and protect it?
Don Draper
Don Draper Vit më parë
this car is soooo fast and furious
jon yoda
jon yoda Vit më parë
Excellent upload and content . Your'e a talant . Can you sort Samcrac out please ? Like that appalling bodge on his Ferrari floor pan . Peace .
Bangălă Andrei
Bangălă Andrei Vit më parë
great video bro!
Jov D
Jov D Vit më parë
This guy is so energetic/enthusiastic, but at the same time looks lazy and sluggish lol Great work by the way! Love your work.
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey Vit më parë
Nice work on the Suck2000. I know you don't care for body work but you are good at it, especially after that Hellcat.
bluecollartrader Vit më parë
This is an interesting video to watch; seeing how frame repairs are done from tear-down to body work and paint. I do enjoy your content and especially appreciate how you produce and edit it. Not sure if you get enough credit from your viewers for that. Why do I say this? Because you focus on the work and not the uninteresting and unnecessary details. An example from this episode: many channels would actually have to show us how they rolled the car out into the sun to dry instead of how you just told us that you were going to do it but didn't feel the need to bore us with filming it- giving us the visual of the hands-on work we want to see while quickly just telling us the rest then moving on. You understand the viewpoint of the watcher. In my opinion, your build channel makes the most "watchable" content of all the ones I regularly see; it's viewer-friendly. So, thanks for that.
tomduncan1970 Vit më parë
Love watching your vids man. You know your stuff. You will have a job in the repair industry for life.
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira Vit më parë
Great job vTune love watching your videos 💯👍🏻🚗
J Nis1ger
J Nis1ger Vit më parë
Vtuned always doin’ work! Keep it up!
Darren Boston
Darren Boston Vit më parë
So you didn’t bother protecting the rear of the front wing with any stone guard, you just left it bare metal😳🤔
Darren Boston
Darren Boston Vit më parë
Max a lot better than most American bags of shit tho!
[Redacted] Vit më parë
You cares?!? It’s an S2000
Keith Jones
Keith Jones Vit më parë
On a completely unrelated topic. I have been inspired by you and the boys from goonzquad to do some work to my own cars. Other than basic oil changes and tire rotations. So I’m changing the front forward control arms on my kids 07 bmw 335i and the nut in the hall joint is stripped. It just spins on the ball joint. I have tried using a jack to push the ball joint up to put pressure on the threads to grab but it’s not working. I don’t have enough clearance to get a saw blade in there. Any tips or tricks?
m -
m - Vit më parë
The hot wrench does it!
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Vit më parë
Nice video; great camera work; appropriate selection of music; you're a good teacher. Just one suggestion for you. Just a little more attention needed to cover & clean the skin on your hands ~ especially your hands ~ and other exposed areas so the paint and chemicals aren't absorbed by your body over the years causing great harm when you're older. I'll be back to watch more VTuned.
Michael Mackaman
Michael Mackaman Vit më parë
watching your spray technique, I bet a CNC sprayer is only a little more consistent. Props to you, V-Tuned, your consistency is awesome!
joh Nys
joh Nys Vit më parë
I really like to see a real PRO at work. You take your time and do it right. Not many young guys that do this.
Roberto Mota
Roberto Mota Vit më parë
How much would u charge me if u can fix my 2005 Dodge Ram rumble bee it has rust all around the bed
energie119 Vit më parë
V tuned is the man! Thnx for save the Honda!✌️
Joebiz24 Vit më parë
V, I wish you could make 3 hr. videos.......
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Vit më parë
Said it before, these guys put on a clinic on how to properly tape off a car. Seriously. 👍👍
bluecollartrader Vit më parë
Yup, they're professional tradesmen, not just guys who do it for ALnets clicks.
Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson Vit më parë
Hey just wondering what happened to the 996 you were working on?
BERSERKER Vit më parë
Did you go to school for this or did you learn through a family member or OTJT?
You Chewb
You Chewb Vit më parë
I don't care what @SamCrak says about you! Your attention to each detail is incredible! Also making items look as if they were OEM, and your MAD SKILZ painting! I would let you paint and fix ANY Million Dollar car that I don't have! But if I did, it would come to V-TUNED Garage! Than ks for the videos! Keep up the great work! 15 years with Goodyear and Firestone for me, now making parodies! hahaahaha :-)
Hey PO - Philippines Outdoors
Hey PO - Philippines Outdoors Vit më parë
@Hogiewan1 HAHAHAHA No, I am sure Sam is a great guy. I just think He should have been loyal to his friend. :-)
Hogiewan1 Vit më parë
I didn't know there was a beef. Samcrak ryhmes with hack. Hmm... Coincidence?
PjStarTV Vit më parë
Factory hose clamps are a sin! :D
Howard Rice
Howard Rice Vit më parë
Looks good. Way to go!
J P Vit më parë
Dude 211k! ! Told you everybody needs a v tune
Adam R
Adam R Vit më parë
And the rocker weld seam goes crunch. This S2000 is going to make one hairdresser very happy!! Nice work
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