Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 9

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Welcome back to another vtuned episode today we finish all the body work!
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Paint suit
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Brad Marreros
Brad Marreros 27 ditë më parë
I'm a new subscriber, i was wondering if u could fix my 2008 dodge charger
Itsbree Muaj më parë
Check out Judah’s garage he does good work as well.
Aaron King
Aaron King Muaj më parë
Check out the old rotor it didn't last too long... it was made out of wood... lol 😆😃😂😀😁🤣😅 This dude has a multi skill set...
Dave Ciabattoni
Dave Ciabattoni 3 muaj më parë
Isn't that a driver side rotor?
Isaac Leon
Isaac Leon 5 muaj më parë
These dudes are like 25 or something 😂y’all call the Kids and shit man the volume be cutting off and shit on me for some reason idk if the happens to y’all and second of did anyone else find these dudes thru goonzquad
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 5 muaj më parë
Lazy bugger didn’t take off the bonnet catch wen he sprayed it
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 6 muaj më parë
Great job with this car young fella!
danielsandiford 6 muaj më parë
What happened too the quarter panel .thaught it was damaged
Justin Aldridge
Justin Aldridge 6 muaj më parë
Made out of wood!! Comedy shop gold
aziz tugba
aziz tugba 7 muaj më parë
Ron Ingle
Ron Ingle 8 muaj më parë
I just like to say you do excellent work, I enjoy watching you. Keep it up .
BlueFlyer 8 muaj më parë
I guess that yellow tape is different
Muadib223 Vit më parë
$750 for a single brake rotor? What do they think this is, a Ferrari?
Jav R
Jav R Vit më parë
Where did you buy the parts for your charger? I have time searching and I can't find them
TK BGSB504 Vit më parë
The work you do, and perfection taken into your builds i would bu any vehicle you sell.
TheGTwice Vit më parë
What's up with the sound in this video? It cuts in and out, maybe you could reupload it? Or is it because of copyrighted music?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Yea copyrighted music
Dennis McBain
Dennis McBain Vit më parë
I really enjoy watching this young man...excellent work.
danvelazquez01 Vit më parë
Great job and attention to detail! Shows the true craftsmanship of a true artist. Congrats!
dragithedon Vit më parë
Hi bro love your work your very good at what u do Send me r VTUNED HOODIE BRO 3XL IN BLACK I'm from Australia
Derek Craig
Derek Craig Vit më parë
brake clean that rotor dawg!
Joe L.
Joe L. Vit më parë
Please put some tape on studs regardless if it's for ground or just mounting! It is just so much more professional.
DanielRichards644 Vit më parë
WHY do people call EVERY aftermarket air intake a "cold air intake"? it's still in the engine bay, that block off plate doesn't stop it from sucking in the hot underhood air
Riad Benkabba
Riad Benkabba Vit më parë
This guy is like the one stop shop for rust
Jesus Rojas
Jesus Rojas Vit më parë
the audio breaks a lot, please reupload! good work!
You did not clean the shite off the disc first
Mark wilkinson
Mark wilkinson Vit më parë
Really like your work mate but that intake is no good.
Samiullah Khan
Samiullah Khan Vit më parë
very nice ❤❤ from pakistan
A KB Vit më parë
The rotor you put on is made for the driver's side. The rotor slings air out from the center...
Nima Neyestani
Nima Neyestani Vit më parë
where did you get the rotors from? btw good job on the videos.
Eric L
Eric L Vit më parë
Not sure if anyone else pointed it out, but it looks like you put the left hand rotor on the right (passenger) side, assuming there is a left and right hand rotor. At $400+ per rotor, there should be. I am a new subscriber and really like your videos.
Cesar Torres
Cesar Torres Vit më parë
lol "the old rotor didn't last too long because it was made out of wood" LOLOLOLOL
Abraham Huber
Abraham Huber Vit më parë
4:11 but shot.. other than that i love all your vids keep up the good work!
Boosted Cutlass
Boosted Cutlass Vit më parë
I thought you were supposed to leave the windows down when the car is in the body shop lol lol Nice job!
Dcalhoun 38581
Dcalhoun 38581 Vit më parë
The rotor you installed on the right front is slotted for use on the LEFT front. I'm fairly sure about that, but not 100%.
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh Vit më parë
Shawn Mcneely
Shawn Mcneely Vit më parë
41 haters I see. Just mad cause they dont have mad skillz like this kid.
MoparFam 300C
MoparFam 300C Vit më parë
Honestly, I would've preferred a Bwoody CAI for a much bigger air flow, so that the Supercharger Whine can be much louder than stock
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S Vit më parë
I.feel like the dent at the rear bumper is not perfect. take care bro
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S Vit më parë
vTuned garage There is small dents still there ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Why’s that?
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich Vit më parë
Does anyone have a recommendation for a cheaper paint suit? That is a nice one but I don't paint enough to spend 90.
Marc Burnett
Marc Burnett Vit më parë
Great video man but is the hellcat orange or red bc you say orange but it looks red on the videos??
Marc Burnett
Marc Burnett Vit më parë
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
It’s go mango orange
Scott bob
Scott bob Vit më parë
How much did you pay for it
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson Vit më parë
Best content on ALnets. Worst music on ALnets.
TheAngryGamerTAG Vit më parë
No sound at 2:30?
Shawn J
Shawn J Vit më parë
20 year older talking about having his customers and doing work that even 50 yr olders cant do. these guys a just aliens there is alot of things they dont say when they are painting like changing tips and adjusting air pressure but wow these kids are nailing it. there is no excuse if they can do it anyone can.
Mads julsgaard
Mads julsgaard Vit më parë
Greethings from Denmark - love your videos - Think you are really talented - keep up the good work👍🏻
sel2179 Vit më parë
Your a grafter kid nice work how old are you buddy? Anyone know?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Ian Milo
Ian Milo Vit më parë
Vtuned is one man army :)
REPZ06 Vit më parë
Hard work 💪🏼 looks awesome 🤙🏻
Gregg KUZILA Vit më parë
What's the best offer for that Hellcat when you're done
london man
london man Vit më parë
this guy can do everything !
Adam Manning
Adam Manning Vit më parë
This kid helps the goonzquad.
85250es Vit më parë
Anyone notice intially the hood is on + fully painted top/bottom... Suddenly its not on at all, then lastly it's on but top unpainted . This video is definitely fake but still entertaining to make us think he actually did it himself
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
What are you taking about?????
Big_mike_1027 Vit më parë
I see you with the protection for your breathing but no eye protection. Is that common to not protect your eyes?
DuceTheTruth Vit më parë
Who are the dickheads that DISLIKE?????🤷🏿‍♂️
its the real thing
its the real thing Vit më parë
Hey vtuned what brand paint products are you using? That bottom side of the hood looks great. Nice luster from the clear. Keep up the good work my man!
Dennis Balliram
Dennis Balliram Vit më parë
Vt the paint came out nice👍🏼
Shane Tracey
Shane Tracey Vit më parë
Hey Vtuned, noticed a lack of background music during your bodywork process. Just a question, does youtube prohibit having a radio station on as background music? I haven't ever been to a garage that didn't have a radio going on one channel or another in the background. NJot a negative thing, before I get trolled, just a question again. I know doing the bodywork, and paint are enough to keep you busy, besides all of the editing and cutting th