Fixing the FRAME DAMAGE on my CTS-V.

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Welcome back to Channel so in todays video we repair the frame damage on the Cadillac CTS-V.
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zackariah Hunter
zackariah Hunter 2 muaj më parë
Where did u get the bracket I'm trying to fix up my Cadillac cts 4 I need to do the exact same thing u did to this caddy
Trey-Heru 3 muaj më parë
I swear some people are just born to do this
derrycklanger 5 muaj më parë
Too many parts on this car. You really need all this electronics and fancy parts ??? Gm could have cut down a bit. I would be discouraged to work on this
Eero Laukkanen
Eero Laukkanen 5 muaj më parë
Nice job, man ! Love that car/ power!=), question: what kind of drill bits you use?? Brand name??, seems so sharp, and hard !=) Thanks, Eero from Lantana, Florida
Tyler G
Tyler G 5 muaj më parë
U should do a whole fleet tour of all ur cars that would be super interesting
Howard Swing
Howard Swing 5 muaj më parë
Great to see you using all the safety equipment good job.
Lance Nelson
Lance Nelson 7 muaj më parë
I mean big damn deal. I was looking for real frame damage repair. Not drilling out spot welds and putting things back together.
Juris Codera
Juris Codera 7 muaj më parë
Please give me car
Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano 8 muaj më parë
Excelente video me gusta su trabajo, es impecable...!
Edward Duran
Edward Duran 9 muaj më parë
I am impressed with your skill level for your age. If you dont mind me asking how did you learn body work? Im a mechanic and would like to do stuff like this.
Salvador G
Salvador G Vit më parë
Cool video 👍
Churakk Kk
Churakk Kk Vit më parë
What size bit you used for drilling panels?
BioExtract Vit më parë
This video gives me hope. My car was recently in a bad collision that was out of my control and resulted in minor frame damage. I'm so glad to know that it can still be fixed
Highspeed Lalo
Highspeed Lalo Vit më parë
Bro I need you to rebuilt my Chrysler 300 5.7
Tyrone Davis
Tyrone Davis Vit më parë
Bro wear your safety glasses when you drilling. You scaring
Andy's House Of Gears
Andy's House Of Gears Vit më parë
I think the He'll Cat will still be faster.
Jay Ahern
Jay Ahern Vit më parë
You guys are amazing. Your memories must be spot on. I would have major problems remembering where everything went back on. Master CraftsMAN. OH. What kind of Headers are on this car? Where is your Body Shop located?
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay Vit më parë
Love The channel
Desmyn Rios
Desmyn Rios Vit më parë
Good job
G W Vit më parë
Guys ,help me out here, what are headers,,,?
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Vit më parë
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Vit më parë
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
Lol you kinda dumb
Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett Vit më parë
Hi from New Zealand Loving your work mate talk to cooper from Cletus McFarlands channel his has enough power to brake everytime he drives it Think the hellcats got to be faster
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin Vit më parë
A car basically designed not to be crashed and rebuilt... great job on overcoming some of the dismantling issues
Fred Jones
Fred Jones Vit më parë
You guys do amazing work!!!!! Keep it up fan for life!!!
Matthew Wilcher
Matthew Wilcher Vit më parë
V-tuned is awesome. Young man has some skillz! Fun to watch because there's no crazy bs drama like on regular TV. I have no time to work on cars anymore so watching your builds keeps me from getting bored.
Kevin Haggerty
Kevin Haggerty Vit më parë
just some friendly body shop advice, you should drape a welding blanket over the pull chain so when and if it comes off it drops right to the ground from the weight of the blanket. trust me it will save you if your close to it and keep you from getting hit by the chain :)
patrick lefevere
patrick lefevere Vit më parë
i have seen Russian who are mutch better, even strangers like arabiens that do better ! ! ! you remove things that are really very easy to repair ! ! but for the rest, are you rational , reasonabe ! ! the end is also very good, but i have the meaning that you do mutch of unnecessary work by taking pieces of that dont need to take of, but still good job, the end of the job is still fine
Edward Bernard
Edward Bernard Vit më parë
Fascinating stuff. Skills to pay the bills indeed! Thanks for sharing! (I used to have an '09 CTS-V).
Nic_Vapes Vit më parë
Cant wait until I get my CTS-v
Mike Holland
Mike Holland Vit më parë
You’re niche is that you can do the structural repairs. Great job
Brandon lopez
Brandon lopez Vit më parë
Your videos are satisfying to look at
dewrecker1 Vit më parë
why do you use weld through primer when mig plug welding panels ?
Ged gedk
Ged gedk Vit më parë
Pls pls pls eye protection!!!
Jon O
Jon O Vit më parë
More great work from a great channel!
George150982 Vit më parë
Much more technically minded than the Goonzguad guys and not too much "dude" in the Videos. I do learn a lot from vTuned while the other guys are like high scholl kidos. Quite unfair You only have 110k Subs while they have over a Million.
Nathan van Wyk
Nathan van Wyk Vit më parë
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh Vit më parë
diggleboy Vit më parë
Short. Sweet. To the point. It's hard to stop watching your work because it's so mesmerizing. You unveil the process of bodyshop work and you definitely care about the quality of the work you do. This is transparency at its finest. Keep up the great work with your channel! Looking forward to future videos on your project cars!
Trenton Dennis
Trenton Dennis Vit më parë
Hi, great work. Do you think you may be doing a Porsche 911 (993) build anytime ?
youngenuf Vit më parë
@vTuned garage What brand of drill bits do you use?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
I’ll have to check
steve salvador
steve salvador Vit më parë
skilled labor 👍🏼. always great videos. congrats on your new hellcat.
Tom Hallberg
Tom Hallberg Vit më parë
Great vid. You didn't show how you aligned the bumper reinforcing bar. Would like to know how you got the frame plate in the right place.
Ryan Bullard
Ryan Bullard Vit më parë
Wow! That was quick
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt Vit më parë
So is this gonna be your drag car / toy ?
Gregg Kiest
Gregg Kiest Vit më parë
Another great episode on how to get things done. Spot on with no rambling speeches.
Robert Collins
Robert Collins Vit më parë
A well-edited video of superb repair work. Really impressive!
Guero823 Vit më parë
Can't wait to see it at the track, let the Balls Eagles fly brother!!!
Gregory.T. Hogues.Sr.
Gregory.T. Hogues.Sr. Vit më parë
Nice work I need to no some contact info cause I have a 2004 ford mustang gt with front end damage
Ken Kib
Ken Kib Vit më parë
Generally speaking, approximately how much would it cost to do the amount of frame work that you did on this build. Also, love your video's.
Gregg KUZILA Vit më parë
How much you going to charge when you finish the car I'm interested in buying it
Offgrid22 Vit më parë
vTuned, Do you ever get tired of WINNING?
Got 'M
Got 'M Vit më parë
Goodjob buddy I see you're getting better and better! Keep it up the good work, your welding skills is what sets you apart from other car rebuilders
DaddytechEnt Vit më parë
*love these cars*
Jason Olvera
Jason Olvera Vit më parë
I wish I knew how to do what you are doing
Boss mustang
Boss mustang Vit më parë
Perhaps you should wear a pair of safety glasses. You only get 2 eyes that need to last a lifetime
Mustang Daver
Mustang Daver Vit më parë
I like how you get so much done in a video. Some channels do so little but they extend it and it gets monotonous. You are so much more relaxed now and it really shows. Try to give a little more time in your editing when you finish talking. Keep up the good work. Your channel is one I look forward to seeing new videos all the time.
kickit59 Vit më parë
Vtune excellent job on the Caddy man! It will be interesting to see which one performs better the Hellcat Charger or the Caddy? Hopefully you will do a video on that! Thanks for all the great content & video!
mr.ED hall
mr.ED hall Vit më parë
gѳѳɗ wѳʀk cɑɳ't wɑit uɳit it'ร ɑ Բiɳiรɦ product
Mads julsgaard
Mads julsgaard Vit më parë
Cool video as usual - greethings from Denmark👍🏻
Ripper13F1V Vit më parë
You work it like a 40 year veteran, how long did it take for you to learn it at this level? Great work!
Brad Holznagel
Brad Holznagel Vit më parë
Awesome work but please cover those air intakes while you work on these things.
Jim Foster
Jim Foster Vit më parë
I watched that car at iaai for 8 months and they run it the week before I'm on vacation and cant pick it up lol, glad I get to see it fixed at least
I love that car bro.
ReLoK_805 Vit më parë
No bs straight up work!💪greta job homie!👍
John Kennedy
John Kennedy Vit më parë
You're that good you make it look easy absolutely brilliant enjoying every video from JK in West Yorkshire England .
Frik Groenewald
Frik Groenewald Vit më parë
Young people like you and your crew gives me hope for the future of this planet.
bernardthefourth Vit më parë
Does she have supercharger pulleys?
bernardthefourth Vit më parë
@vTuned garage I give the edge to the V, I believe it has larger tires also.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Vit më parë
I’m pretty sure
Antonio lac
Antonio lac Vit më parë
She'll be Panty Dropping in no time.
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard Vit më parë
Don't give them any ideas on the bracket, next time they will raise the price to $167.
shartne Vit më parë
Nice work man as usual looks perfectly aligned and straight. Thanks for another cool video.
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe Vit më parë
love your videos just ;like this comment bro please
Fernando T
Fernando T Vit më parë
I cannot wait for this project to be done. Great vids
HankofAmerica Vit më parë
Yet to see a frame this kid can’t bring back to life. These skills at this age is a bright future waiting to happen.
Keith Reiffenstein
Keith Reiffenstein Vit më parë
I hope you do auto painting for a day I have 2 cars that I need repainted...
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton Vit më parë
That drill adapter is scaring me..
Michael Wilder
Michael Wilder Vit më parë
Your talent is amazing for someone so young! I was amazed with the way you repaired Samcrac's vehicle!
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis Vit më parë
Nice job as always 👍👍
Idok Watcher
Idok Watcher Vit më parë
It's amazing how some channels have gotten rich with horrible work (B is for Butchered) or pretending to do work (Tavarish) just because they were there at the right moment in time. Wish you and goonzquad all the success they had, and more.
Slick Ratchet
Slick Ratchet Vit më parë
Good Boy, Top Job!!!
mk1eski Vit më parë
How do you sharpen your spot weld drill bit?
White Thunder
White Thunder Vit më parë
CTS is such a sweet pimp daddy ride....
Cruzship72 Vit më parë
I dont know how anyone can dislike these vids. I truly respect the hard work.
Brian Schroeder
Brian Schroeder Vit më parë
i've found by calling different dealers they all have different pricing for parts. there was a $50 difference in a valve cover between 4 dealers i called in wisconsin
G. Del Toro
G. Del Toro Vit më parë
Big fan since I first saw you working on the goonzquad's mustang. You're really talented and humble. Greetings from Mexico. Glory to Ukraine.
ملك الاختراعات
ملك الاختراعات Vit më parë
graet job from tunisia
uptownphiladelphia Vit më parë
It will never be faster than the hellcat 🗣
Rusty Blades
Rusty Blades Vit më parë
Papa gotta so proud of you boys.....I am ....
brake smokes
brake smokes Vit më parë
That’s wasup!! very talented been watching you since the hellcat rebuild great job bro and two of the baddest whips out their!’ 👍🏻💯
Dean Wharepapa
Dean Wharepapa Vit më parë
Nice work
Ali Aljboree
Ali Aljboree Vit më parë
Always your work it's amazing bro 👍🏻❤️
Lolek Bolek
Lolek Bolek Vit më parë
Goonsquad merch :)
Steve A S
Steve A S Vit më parë
So much knowledge and talent for someone so young very good 😎
AMLagonda Vit më parë
Master re-builders at work, No B is for Bullshit, no samcrack and no tavarishdriveltomuchshittalk just straight to the point.
IsWaN MaHAmaD Vit më parë
Hi, i love your channel. Please use PPE for your safety bro.. cheers
jimmy lu
jimmy lu Vit më parë
Amazing work! I am wondering what your next project is
EL CHOLO Vit më parë
Sent here by goonzquad 🤘
Freddie Ramirez
Freddie Ramirez Vit më parë
Can you make a clip where a body panel doesn't line up and what you do to make it right? Would like to see what the process is to line it up.
Bugssy Vit më parë
Do you use a broker on copart? or so you not need one where you live? In california you need a dealer license or use a broker which is preventing me from buying cars from copart at the moment.
Mostafa Ibrahim
Mostafa Ibrahim Vit më parë
vTuned make your video a bit longer 👍
My WRECKED CTS-V Is Almost done!
vTuned garage
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