How Much Did I Spend On My BMW M Performance 435i ? Price Reveal !

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video we complete the bmw 435i M Performance package and do the final price reveal !! ! Enjoy !

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Chris Rea
Chris Rea 8 orë më parë
Fun to watch and you and your brother make a good team. I assume you resell the cars you repair/ restore? Do you have to disclose that it’s an accident repair? I enjoy watching your videos. Kiwi Chris
Dav Ditë më parë you’re telling me that headlight replacement was almost a band 😭😭😭😭
Trung Vo
Trung Vo 2 ditë më parë
Great video I love the tunes. Is this car sale? Plz let me know.
samir brahimi
samir brahimi 2 ditë më parë
Man allah yberek u are young and awesome god bless u and keep u safe
Pete M
Pete M 3 ditë më parë
I love these short rebuilds and the breakdown at the end, you guys rock !
Mark Geoghegan
Mark Geoghegan 8 ditë më parë
Keep them coming lads... Good job, car looks great...!
Bobinpreet Singh
Bobinpreet Singh 8 ditë më parë
Do you guyz keep these repaired cars or sell them??
rave brave
rave brave 11 ditë më parë
well done...
CMV Cuba
CMV Cuba 12 ditë më parë
Where are you?
éĄŸéœ‡é›· 12 ditĂ« mĂ« parĂ«
Half Amill Rebuilds
Half Amill Rebuilds 13 ditë më parë
is the title clean?
shubham agarwal
shubham agarwal 15 ditë më parë
Great Project, did you not add cost for new airbags and bmw logo to the total?
Daza007 Ferns
Daza007 Ferns 16 ditë më parë
Anything to do with Bmw count me in 😂👍
John Laumann
John Laumann 16 ditë më parë
vTuned, I like seeing the short series. They provide me with more motivation and knowledge on how I could pick up my own build. For that I say thank you for the inspiration. Another thing I would like to add is that I love how you provide the price layout. I don't see many other ALnetsrs providing a price list but it is super helpful information to know when thinking about if a project would be worth giving a shot on my own. Keep up the great work man!
mark cofield
mark cofield 17 ditë më parë
yes guys please continue with these kind of builds awesome job
Timbo #2
Timbo #2 17 ditë më parë
Did you end up selling this car!? Interested
Kevon Bryan
Kevon Bryan 18 ditë më parë
what wheels are these?
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald 18 ditë më parë
Yes, keep them coming.
samuel geronimo osinaga
samuel geronimo osinaga 19 ditë më parë
GOOD video mate !!!! it was a great rebuilt i like it !!!!!
Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez 20 ditë më parë
Is Just a question? For how much will seled that car?
Denny 20 ditë më parë
wow.... the car looks amazing.
Riley Bell
Riley Bell 20 ditë më parë
$12,000 for that beauty? Man what a steal
pcfiii 21 ditë më parë
Yes more short builds in between the longer ones
Blaze Ace
Blaze Ace 21 ditë më parë
M473 rims were perfect .. new ones .. nahh
Malick Toure
Malick Toure 21 ditë më parë
Love the new wheels
Formalite 21 ditë më parë
The total rebuild price for my 2018 Honda Civic EX-T was $12000 :(
Kevin Hung
Kevin Hung 21 ditë më parë
15:18 what about the airbag + airbag coding, and wheel alignment?đŸ€”
Sounds like Alvarez
Sounds like Alvarez 21 ditë më parë
I don’t often “like” videos but this- I’m BEYOND impressed. I love it here
Xbrice seccy
Xbrice seccy 21 ditë më parë
i’m almost 16 and i’ve been wanting a bmw. do you think you can spare me a car??? big fan btw
Bernd Heimann
Bernd Heimann 21 ditë më parë
nice build. But if u spend more time in your MUSTANG, it will be better
avi kadoch
avi kadoch 22 ditë më parë
You guys wonderful nice job
Stan Price ayers
Stan Price ayers 23 ditë më parë
glad you showed the overall cost, unlike most accounts that do these videos
Kelvin Wu
Kelvin Wu 23 ditë më parë
yes make more videos and what do you do with the cars after?
ItzMeyy 23 ditë më parë
why are you scratching the wheel with the bar when youre mounting the tire... the machine can do it on its own.... poor wheel... and the tuning box... oh my god. please dont do this to your car. just get a right mapping and be happy
MYOB Boy 23 ditë më parë
I am in the UK. I always buy repaired cars from guys like you. In the UK, the car is marked on a public database as an insurance write off, so even if the guy does a frickin perfect job, all I need to pay him is say 60% of what an identical, but never dammaged, car would cost. I end up saving ÂŁ4500 on a ÂŁ10500 car, but the poor guy who fixes it is on a very tight budget to make much profit. How is it in States?
nGT 23 ditë më parë
YES! More quick rebuilds please!
Vikram Brar
Vikram Brar 23 ditë më parë
Hi man, i am not able to find shark fin antenna for my BMW 328i can you please help me. I searched it on many websites i cant find the perfect fit. Pls help me
Antonio KutleĆĄa
Antonio Kutleƥa 23 ditë më parë
How $9.000 for this car?? It s so cheap...
deadr0t 24 ditë më parë
Holy crap, 500 k subs, you were on 70 80 k not long ago, nice job man ! Keep it going ! Can you provide a link for the bumper please?
D. Ford
D. Ford 24 ditë më parë
Great video.
Richard Aitchison
Richard Aitchison 24 ditë më parë
What about the airbag.?
Haide Haide
Haide Haide 25 ditë më parë
12k is a very good price for this car
MJWinters 25 ditë më parë
Hey, sick build! Got the 2015 model, exactly the same except the rear spoiler/lip. Could you please tell me, where you got it from? Thank you!
JBARR Vlogs 25 ditë më parë
Bootmod3 is way better
OsuRaven 25 ditë më parë
Vtuned is in chatttown? Awesome didn't know that
mathias andersen
mathias andersen 25 ditë më parë
hey could you come up with and sell it
Vladimir Mishin
Vladimir Mishin 26 ditë më parë
Very nice approach to see it done that fast
Veni 26 ditë më parë
This build will took Goonzquad an entire 24 episodes series :)))))))
Dai Joshua
Dai Joshua 27 ditë më parë
plus labor cost, it will be a big number ,lol
Terry Lynch
Terry Lynch 27 ditë më parë
Great job. Looks amazing. One annoying habit you Americans have is constantly saying "go ahead". Every task is prefaced by saying we're "going to go ahead" and do it. Just say we are going to do this next....stop with the "go ahead".
Dick Noorlander
Dick Noorlander 29 ditë më parë
always hate te price they give that it actually cost. I would love to see one that actually gives the right price. I mean you guys need to eat and if I brought in my car for these repairs you would charge me the hourly rate. You have to take that into account as well. Still if one offered me this car (despite it is white) I would seriously consider it even though it is a damage car. of course not for the 25k what these other cars do.
Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar 29 ditë më parë
I want this car.... 😍😍😍
J Bal
J Bal 29 ditë më parë
one of the best videos. please keep doing short builds like this going.
Peter Canarelli
Peter Canarelli Muaj më parë
You can make these things so much faster than the M4 and with all-wheel drive
stackola Muaj më parë
Cool cool!
No Body
No Body Muaj më parë
sure a pretty car, *but **13:46** right from you, whats THAT ?*
Flik Cof
Flik Cof Muaj më parë
sounds like buy new is not that far off?
Robert Reid
Robert Reid Muaj më parë
With all do respect, as much as the work you've done here is beyond incredible. You have to be realistic here, as it isn't that much of a steal. You're costs are probably close to $15k with the paint (and that's not including man hours as well). Not to mention the fact; the car was classified as an insurance write-off meaning it's registered as this indefinitely and you won't get the market value when selling it. Also you can buy these easily for $15-18k 2nd hand in today's market.
Vunta Vunti
Vunta Vunti Muaj më parë
But u did not say how much will u sell it for?
Jovanni Majano
Jovanni Majano Muaj më parë
You stole a M435 for $9,000
Mark Muaj më parë
About $10k worth of labour too lol! Great job . Looks lovely.
Benito Hernandez
Benito Hernandez Muaj më parë
Yes more quick re build to showcase your skills while we wait for other stuff and parts to come in on all the other builds
Let It Play Media
Let It Play Media Muaj më parë
Great Video! Check out my latest video of the 435i!
John Gio
John Gio Muaj më parë
I like quick rebuilds.
hell yea love thisđŸ‘đŸœ
Mathias Pilgaard
Mathias Pilgaard Muaj më parë
More of these builds!!
Brandon Khadoo
Brandon Khadoo Muaj më parë
Great job!! Keep those vids coming.
Ricky Aus
Ricky Aus Muaj më parë
Great job man 👍
Issa Trap
Issa Trap Muaj më parë
Are you going to sell it?
iftikhar kamran
iftikhar kamran Muaj më parë
0:16 I no longer need my 9-5 thanks to, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Crave868 Muaj më parë
Yes please make short videos like these. Is was educational and interesting.
PY Muaj më parë
Good job man.
Nihou RĂ©da
Nihou Réda Muaj më parë
nice series !
Mario Saraci
Mario Saraci Muaj më parë
Best rebuilt video simple and easy
levi armando
levi armando Muaj më parë
How to contact you..?? And how to buy this car..??
TheKingOfMusic Muaj më parë
I think you should take a dump before revealing any price in the future. Seems you couldn’t shi.. few weeks
Reszizer DU
Reszizer DU Muaj më parë
12k for an m4???hahahha
Omerr Muaj më parë
STOP!!! 15:51
ganper Muaj më parë
good work
Sharon Kjoy
Sharon Kjoy Muaj më parë
Are u selling it bro
gim707 Muaj më parë
Downtown Chattanooga!
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez Muaj më parë
Keep them coming
æłąć±Żć„żè€ć€§çˆ· Muaj mĂ« parĂ«
Labor cost at least $3,000 dollars.
Awesome work. Keep it up, and mad props to the whole V-TUNED team for coming through. #JAIMSILFJ
Mike Apila
Mike Apila Muaj më parë
Don’t forget the labor the sweats you guys put into it! Keep doing more videos! You guys did a fantastic job!
Sam A
Sam A Muaj më parë
But where is the labor part? I am pretty sure that would be at least $5000
Constantinos Vassilakis
Constantinos Vassilakis Muaj më parë
Great job!! Keep it up!! Just a question.... How much was for the air bag??? And something more. For new rims and tires (in Greece) it could cost minimum $1.800 more.
Frankje01 Muaj më parë
man, those prices. car like that would still cost you about 45K here.
DansFitness Muaj më parë
If the previous owner of this car see this video they're gonna be pissed XD Especially at 15:51 LOL
ReyRos Gaming
ReyRos Gaming Muaj më parë
Where you got this car for 9k?
Missan Eido
Missan Eido Muaj më parë
Nice work and a good video. Hosing down a BMW engine is never a good idea. You guys got lucky. Using the star pattern when mounting the wheels is a good practice and checking the alignment after suspension work is advisable.
Alla Dean
Alla Dean Muaj më parë
Sounds great if you can do the work yourself...not gonna work for the average person. It’s the fkn garage high labour charges makes it impossible for most people.
zufa Muaj më parë
just out of curiosity who tf buy bmw crash it and dont have 4k$ to repair it ??
muhammad saadullah
muhammad saadullah Muaj më parë
Litrally i love your short video experiment . You should definitely continue . Bcz videos like ford mustang 1980's they soooo longer and make loosing interste in a video . This short video definitely boom yur channel to . Dont mind i would like to give you example of Tiktok, why its so popular bcz of 1 min video . I know its youtube 10 min -15 video is great 2 video per car enough . That is my opinion . Don't mind if you don't like my opinion . Good luck bro
Zain Muaj më parë
is this car for sale?
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan Muaj më parë
how much did you sell it after rebuilding? or you guys keep it, that would be nice too
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan Muaj më parë
awesome job !!!
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan Muaj më parë
yes super cool, i love this videos
The Investment Corner
The Investment Corner Muaj më parë
I like the short series. Great job
Ke Kham Pha
Ke Kham Pha Muaj më parë
You guys make it look so easy. After you guys rebuilds the car where did you sell it? Is there any website to buy it? Thank you.
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