Building Custom Frame Rails For My 1966 Ford Mustang 5.0 Coyote Swap

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vTuned garage

8 muaj më parë

Welcome Back to the channel in todays video we build custom frame rails and a custom subframe!
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rupesh mohanty
rupesh mohanty Muaj më parë
Want to work with you
LOUIS RODRIGUEZ 2 muaj më parë
Good work on the frame rail
leonard snow
leonard snow 3 muaj më parë
Instead of using old crossmember hang tab for engine mount puck off new rail
Алекс Крикс
Алекс Крикс 3 muaj më parë
Галимая реклама инструмента во всем ролике! Всю эту работу можно было проделать плазморезом в считанные секунды и не рвать жопу.
Jeremy Breinig
Jeremy Breinig 3 muaj më parë
All the time he spent building this frame he could of just got a complete one from a junkyard and made some simple changes
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 5 muaj më parë
you REALLY need to give your little brother more acknowledgment publicly on your channel he is helping you a lot and not getting credit for it
Gary Bentley Sr
Gary Bentley Sr 6 muaj më parë
Why not use aluminium be a lot lighter than all that steel
blahblah 6 muaj më parë
Soapstone for marking metal....
Krzysztof Slomiany
Krzysztof Slomiany 7 muaj më parë
wow a legit FORD commercial during the video. NICE!
JOBIN MATHEW 7 muaj më parë
Bro dont you have any assistances
eddie d
eddie d 7 muaj më parë
He's lucky to have all the tools needed, Dad must have a long history in the business, a fortune in all those special tools
Blerdian Bajraliu
Blerdian Bajraliu 8 muaj më parë
Do video
Wayne McCuen
Wayne McCuen 8 muaj më parë
Quick question bro. Why couldn't you use a round tube for the frame, instead of the box tube?.....and another point I just thought of, get with a carpenter on the angle/miter joints you make, if you do it with their direction, the cuts will join together perfectly. I'm soooo not bein critical. Just tossin the ideas up. Rock on.
Neil Young
Neil Young 8 muaj më parë
Love this build. The idea of a new Mustang under the old body is great. The build might be more costly but your car will be unique! Keep up the good work. Keep it as original as possible.
john doe
john doe 8 muaj më parë
4:01 I can't watch this! You were so close from cutting off your fingers!
Marco Oliveira
Marco Oliveira 8 muaj më parë
Very good
舜洪金 8 muaj më parë
凄いな😃 楽しいね 壱から スワッブするのんて 応援します❗
Matias Ch
Matias Ch 8 muaj më parë
make the noise! Oh wait wrong chanel :P
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 8 muaj më parë
That steel is at least twice an thick as it needs to be. 1.6mm is factory, 3mm would be plenty strong, that is like 8mm thick! Same with the frame rails. 75x50x1.6mm would be ample. That stuff is 5mm thick! Woukd make a good gooseneck trailer
S Cornoyer
S Cornoyer 8 muaj më parë
Great job! Pretty awesome for such a young guy understanding how to do all of that! Keep it up... we're enjoying your build!!!😎
mrromantimothy 8 muaj më parë
Don't let the book smart people slow you down, you need to learn and the only way to learn is the way you're doing it, next time you want want to put the seams on your frame rails on the inside, be sure you're following asme guidelines for your material, Also to cut steel you can use a C 5 carbide blade Harbor Freight 20 bucks put it on a Milwaukee 18-volt cordless skil saw and it will cut easier and faster than all those other saws you're using especially that death wheel
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira 8 muaj më parë
Drinking Game! Every time he says "let's go ahead" you drink. Everyone will be fucked up sitting a minute of each video
Edwin Carcamo
Edwin Carcamo 8 muaj më parë
This build is gonna be so badass.
David Kelm
David Kelm 8 muaj më parë
get a magnetic straight edge for the plasma cutter 👍
Jesse Reed
Jesse Reed 8 muaj më parë
Vtuned western champion got wreck framed damage rapture he's needs you to put your skills on it give him a call he needs a frame man on this build right up your a.ley he just released the vidio he,a on Instagram youtube facebook
Austin Vanlangen
Austin Vanlangen 8 muaj më parë
The subframe was designed to hold the engine and work with the suspension why build a custom subframe? Wouldnt correct suspension & subframe mounting (to the chassis) keep it from scraping like in the 2015?
GOLDEN_EAGLE_DESIGN 8 muaj më parë
Awsome project! This is the right way to put a new mustang into and old mustang body!! I love the work your doing!!
boss06829 8 muaj më parë
Do a supercharger not twin turbo. Turbo puts more wear on the engine
2019 Camaro SS 1LE
2019 Camaro SS 1LE 8 muaj më parë
Waiting for the next video to drop. 😃
Paul Newman
Paul Newman 8 muaj më parë
Loving it. The back wheels is looking like it will be snug 👍
OldIron Addiction
OldIron Addiction 8 muaj më parë
I am super excited for this build! This is the kind of restomod that gets my blood pumping! I am curious how you will handle the front and rear glass with widening the body of the car though. Can you have custom windshield and rear glass made for a 1966 Mustang? Anyway, keep up the excellent work and I look forward to all your videos.
J R 8 muaj më parë
I imagine the original 'stang would have been build little like the same -we'll throw that in there and see... like the confidence👍
Jerry Giannopoulos
Jerry Giannopoulos 8 muaj më parë
Out of curiosity. Do you realize what you did when you cut the car in half? It’s hard enough to find glass for those cars. But now you have to have custom glass made. You just drove up the pricier build by a ton. Front windshield are to be laminate safety glass and rear windows are to be made with tempered glass for safety when they shatter.
Timothy Wyand
Timothy Wyand 8 muaj më parë
Dude! I can't believe you haven't burned through your kicks yet. A good pair of comfortable boots would protect (and save) your toes! (Sorry, that's the dad in me coming out...)
KARR 8 muaj më parë
Pretty sick project dude got some skillz!
David Blanck
David Blanck 8 muaj më parë
I wasn't going to say anything, because I'm getting on you. But, B is for build is catching up... finish him!
Jake Weaver
Jake Weaver 8 muaj më parë
I bet this kid made the sickest model cars at the age of 3!!
Mick Hamilton
Mick Hamilton 8 muaj më parë
Fabrication on the fly, sensational.
Zachary Hassan
Zachary Hassan 8 muaj më parë
vtuned: using a level on his custom subframe samcrac: fixes a ferrari floor with scrap metal and glue
whippled marauder
whippled marauder 8 muaj më parë
I am a Body Man & I can tell you for a young guy he knows what hes doing.
Ben Doherty
Ben Doherty 8 muaj më parë
Silly question But will this car be legal to drive when it’s complete?
Nic From Holmdel
Nic From Holmdel 8 muaj më parë
Hey Vtuned, check this build here
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia 8 muaj më parë
Anyone here because of Tik tok
James Walnut
James Walnut 8 muaj më parë
Dang Son!
Reggie Kilgore
Reggie Kilgore 8 muaj më parë
Hay check out B is for biuld there coping you but trying to put 67 body on new mustng looks like having lots of trouble with how wide it is you got this
Stahodad 8 muaj më parë
He could grab this Fastback shell, it's ready cut in half! Fastback conversion..Done!
smolville 8 muaj më parë
You have competition on B is for build. You should both finish about the same time. Might consider making it into a fastback.
drumboarder1 8 muaj më parë
The glass is going to be a bitch I just realised
Paul Leopold
Paul Leopold 8 muaj më parë
glad you know what you're doing dude, you lost me a while ago lol
Mike Lakes
Mike Lakes 8 muaj më parë
Who else came here from TIKTOK !!!??????
K P 8 muaj më parë
First of all, when I've seen how you were chopping the old mustang into pieces I thought "What a butcher, he ain't going to get that driving again!" But now, when it comes back together I think "What an artist!" It seems to be so easy for you.... I would never make something like that subframe myself. Especially without a drawing! Can't wait to see the rest of the build! Keep up, awesome work!
James Johnson
James Johnson 8 muaj më parë
One hell of a project
Tom W
Tom W 8 muaj më parë
vtuned is the type of guy to eat his food with a sawzall
del trotts
del trotts 8 muaj më parë
Good job dude............ Great build.....gonna b a honey........
Robin Spencer
Robin Spencer 8 muaj më parë
Try having a drink every time he says 'Go Ahead', and a chip every time he says 'Guys' or 'Right Now'.
Chicago Vasko
Chicago Vasko 8 muaj më parë
Great video wish there was longer music. Y'all picked some awesome tracks. Cameraman dude your the best we see your vision your walking around in the mix we appreciate you. This build is mind blowing this is a hulu show somebody gotta get Vtuned a contract with so much education shown here. So much to digest in this video Vtuned showing how these tuff tools work hell yeah brother. USA. #vtuned #milwaukee
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores 8 muaj më parë
I would've welded and put bolts for a precaution just my .02
Numb 8 muaj më parë
Thats Amazing
Mark 8 muaj më parë
This is like therapy.
Colby Jarrett
Colby Jarrett 8 muaj më parë
Great job VT... I give you credit and high marks for your enthusiasm for your channel, and your builds. Keep showing us the highs and lows of your tough and artistic career. Best Wishes.
Jabu the Dj
Jabu the Dj 8 muaj më parë
is only me to notice that in all what says he always starts with "so...."
Arthur Minck
Arthur Minck 8 muaj më parë
WoW 😎
Wingnut 8 muaj më parë
still think you guys need to make the videos longer. put in some overtime '' lol
tdog 98
tdog 98 8 muaj më parë
Great content been watching you from the start.
Greg B
Greg B 8 muaj më parë
Would it be possible to build the stang body around a crown vic chassis instead?
Allen Sanderson
Allen Sanderson 8 muaj më parë
In my 'Teens, my next door neighbor brought home a rusty ford 32 coupe body and '32 frame rails. I helped him build a rolling chassis and chop the top. Neighbor moved, but came back 2 years later and treated me to a ride in his candy brandy wine 32 coupe. That frame straightener is a perfect platform for building that frame. But it still boggles my mind how you are going to duplicate all the proper geometry for the front end. Steering, caster, camber, ride height, suspension travel. Skills pay the Bills. Enjoying the Vids. Thanks
Every day life with me
Every day life with me 8 muaj më parë
This will help you build the front frame
Mier Beuker
Mier Beuker 8 muaj më parë
This car is going to weigh like... 5 tons by the time he's done with it. Are you building a tank? Or is the idea to build a sports-car that will be able to exceed 60 miles an hour. Also, you screwed up the bearings of this motor by lifting the entire engine and gearbox with just the crankshaft. Insane!! Hilarious to watch, but please get somebody to help you, with safety etc. You're going to hurt yourself.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 8 muaj më parë
How’s it going to weigh 5 tons??? My hellcat weighs 4390 and the 0-60 is 3.2 seconds lol
Mark Wallis
Mark Wallis 8 muaj më parë
vTuned needs some sponsorship from some tooling companies, he could definitely do with getting a plasma table.
MrCukydoh 8 muaj më parë
I can appreciate someone ballsy enough to cut a car in half.
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke 8 muaj më parë
I don't want to sound negative but I think welding subframe kinda defeats the purpose of SUBframe :D
Keeping It Keith
Keeping It Keith 8 muaj më parë
You need to work on editing. You would be better off leaving the music play and just lowering it when you are talking. Having it pop on and off can get annoying. Overall great channel. You are so extremely talented for your age. Your skill will only grow more over time!
Andrew Macias
Andrew Macias 8 muaj më parë
I like how you don’t play music doing everything like goon squad
Cisco Mkd
Cisco Mkd 8 muaj më parë
Although you are very talented, this car gonna be a death trap with the custom frame. Car frames are designed to absorb energy from impact and to reduce that energy for the people in the car. With this frame you lose all that! Would been better if you seek advice from specialists on what to use to build the custom frame. Also get guard for the grinder, ive seen injury from it and trust me aint pretty when it happens. All the best!
john milner
john milner 8 muaj më parë
mtbalot 8 muaj më parë
I thought the art of fabrication was lost, not so, this guy has no limits. Fab-shops these days want to put stuff together like a Canadian tire BBQ, or an IKEA shelf. That's not fabricating, this is :D
bud too
bud too 8 muaj më parë
All that hand cutting when plasma and bench grinder woulda save tons of time
Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson 8 muaj më parë
The concept is pretty cool. Still a lot to learn. First some safety stuff. Then some design stuff. To think of all the time I wasted building chassis jigs. Obviously Suspension layout is not to important. There are way more cost effective materials to use than heavy steel while doing layout. First bet. Will it look as good close up as it does from 50 ft. Second bets on dog tracks left or right? But you know what? you will learn a lot from this build. Keep at it. Keep on the learning curve. I was taught from the ground up. I found it more productive to only make mistakes once. 40 years later I still get to build top shelf cars. Keep living your dreams.
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez 8 muaj më parë
Good Stuff VTuned!!!
Oscar Juarez
Oscar Juarez 8 muaj më parë
Just buy a frame from the junkyard this is gonna take you months from the looks of it😢
Broken Silvia
Broken Silvia 8 muaj më parë
Smashing it bro!
kickit59 8 muaj më parë
Vtune this is very interesting! Figuring out the technical aspect of the steering & suspension for the conversion of the 66 Stang! Looking forward to the next video! Thanks for posting such great content!
Joseph Chambers
Joseph Chambers 8 muaj më parë
Ok love the build but man the car is going to weigh 4000 pounds the way you are building it. I would cut and dimple lighting holes if you are set on using that heavy of box tube. You definitely need to aim for a sema build. I think if it were me I would buy a 2015 floor pan set vs custom making, the the interior would fit.
Joseph Chambers
Joseph Chambers 8 muaj më parë
@vTuned garage ok maybe not 4000 but performance is often more about weight than power also dimpled holes would also simply look cool. One thing I would pull the top in towards the back, it will allow factory rear glass and the wide hips would be killer.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 8 muaj më parë
Not really these frame rails are not that heavy.
Milkman Dan
Milkman Dan 8 muaj më parë
Back to work... did you even leave the shop?
Kaiden Hall
Kaiden Hall 8 muaj më parë
This is actually vary impressive! I see I watch goodsquad haha
James Brown
James Brown 8 muaj më parë
I can’t wait till this done! It’s gone be epic
JMR Rebuilders
JMR Rebuilders 8 muaj më parë
Absolutely a huge fan of you and your work. This is possibly the best build currently being done by a youtuber. Completely blown away by your ability and appreciate your willingness to get in and get after it.
ElChafalote 8 muaj më parë
13:48 we got the car in the air ???, Lift ???
Zoey Michael
Zoey Michael 8 muaj më parë
ElChafalote 8 muaj më parë
0:35 just fucked up the seal in the harmonic balancer
Crank Addict
Crank Addict 8 muaj më parë
Did you start that suspension jig yet? I just posted a new video for my C3 Z06 Corvette project.
Ismail Ocal
Ismail Ocal 8 muaj më parë
Vtuned this guy restos mustangs
loou26 8 muaj më parë
Vtuned no gloves no boots Str8 gangster
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 8 muaj më parë
loou26 I’m being fr lmao
loou26 8 muaj më parë
vTuned garage Nice Try homie
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 8 muaj më parë
Hey now I have some steel toe tennis shoes😂
cedrik9 8 muaj më parë
do you use blueprints or engineering schematics to make sure you are building a roadworthy car? or is it just winging it?
kirito 8 muaj më parë
one thing u need to look at is exhaust how yours going to run it with the shock towers
Ivan Wayne
Ivan Wayne 8 muaj më parë
Nice build, those new frame rails look massively thick: I am guessing 3/16 inch wall? Hope you going to do some lightening holes otherwise that some serious weight on the front end.
Crashed Bike Rebuilds
Crashed Bike Rebuilds 8 muaj më parë
cool build, if you need mm perfect measurements of a mustang front end let me know. Tape measure construction of front end components might work in the short term but not in the long term
michael e
michael e 8 muaj më parë
Great video as always young man. I’d like to recommend Diablo blades for your reciprocating saw, they cost more but last 5 times longer. I’m very interested in seeing this beast at the car shows and at the drag strip.
Mussie Tesfay
Mussie Tesfay 8 muaj më parë
Safety is certainly not the number one priority on this channel.
ActivisMind 8 muaj më parë
Man! using soft gloves with circular - is unsafe. Beware plz. Don wanna see u hurt.
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